23 thoughts on “Importingmoving MS SQL Database to web hosting server (like godaddy hostgator)

  1. I had an error which says:
    The database was backed up on a server running version 13.00.4001. That version is incompatible with this server, which is running version 12.00.6205. Either restore the database on a server that supports the backup, or use a backup that is compatible with this server.

    Please help, its urgent
    Thank you!

  2. following errors are appearing on importing database…
    Unable to restore database 'baytshedspvc_'
    Not valid backup:
    Input string was not in a correct format.
    (Error code 22)
    What should i do?

  3. In Plesk>database, when selecting the new database created, I only had the option of 'Copy' and 'webadmin' and 'remove database'. No 'Export Dumb', 'Import Dumb' etc… Any idea how I could get to view these other options?

  4. Sir can you let me know how do I connect this uploaded database to my servlet???
    Like what database address, username and password do I use??
    My current servlet has database address of local database which I ran on Netbeans
    Now I need to move this all on Godaddy account

  5. after 3.45, i culdnt find those options in my godaddy windows plesk, i searched it well, i cudn find any option related to that. i want to update it in my godaddy windows plesk! any idea?

  6. hi i have one problem we are uploading the database but how to link the database with website


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