25 thoughts on “IDrive Review 2020: Is It The Best Cloud Backup?

  1. Thanks for that, it is somewhat clearer now. My only recommendation would be is"Slow down a little" I had to keep going back and starting a section again to listen again to the wording. That does take away from the learning experience somewhat. But thanks.

  2. Ciao Mauricio, we're looking to secure data from a 30+TB server plus bits and pieces from our macs. Just as a backup, cheapest possible even if retrieval if ever required costs a little more. Any advise?

  3. It's the WORST BACKUP service. If you actually used it for a long time, you will find you can't even connect to their servers, and they throttle the heck out of you. Their support is horrible.

  4. Thanks for the review. One note on feedback is your audio quality. It's a little muffled and has a small amount of reverb. Not just this video but a few others of yours I've listened to today compared to say Dottotech videos.

  5. Now I regret that I paid subscription for IDrive because it’s so so slow….i think I will cancel it …. thanks for the video…

  6. Thanks for the review. I've been using BackBlaze, just signed up iDrive yesterday, and been uploading at 14.5MB/s since, my first TB backup is almost done… going to move onto a different computer soon. I agree that multiple device support is very nice, and the speed is good for me @ ~1TB/day so far

  7. Hi.. Me again ; Do you have any recommendation and tutorial if I want to create my own secure cloud storage? Thank you 🙂

  8. As Google Photos stopping its free unlimited service, check out Monument 2 that is free and private alternative to Google Photos: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/monument/monument-2-smart-photo-storage-and-organization?ref=eall2c

  9. @idrive is painfully SLOW! its embarrassing slow. You basically will take WEEKS to backup your 500GB external. Very, very bad. Even with a fast 225mb/s connection, its less than 1mb/s upload. not worth it.

  10. I just went to IDrive's site and they are offering the service for $3.48 for the first year, a 95% discount. I'm kind of old school and am not sure about my files being in clouds, but my external hard drive that I have does not want to work with my newer computer. I'm also afraid of it and all my devices crashing, and not being able to recover anything.

    Thank you for reviewing this service. I think I will give it a try and see how it goes.

  11. Thanks. Good video. I've been using idrive happily for a couple of years and didn't even know about the sync option. Now I can ditch Google Drive and I don't have to worry about security. 🙂

  12. Great video! How about a video talking about how to best week idrive settings, what options to check or uncheck, hourly schedule or daily…etc?

  13. This looks promising. I've been hunting something that I could use for a long while now, with the exclusive content I offer. I had 2 HDD's fail on me when I needed vital info on them. So this seems like something I can try touching on.

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