I Found my DREAM WordPress Host! | Cloudways Review

I Found my DREAM WordPress Host! | Cloudways Review

I found my DREAM WordPress host after months of searching! Here is my Cloudways review, and why it’s the best web host I’ve tried.

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22 thoughts on “I Found my DREAM WordPress Host! | Cloudways Review

  1. Cloudways have horrible technical support, we are trying to get our billing figured out for the second day and they just ignore and close the chat before I have a moment to read their template reply! Very disappointing

  2. Hi Christian! After my searh and looking also your youtube video I decided to open an account with Cloudways and surprisingly they ask govenrment id or passport !!!! Especially in Europe is totally illegal to give personal informations (I don't know for USA). I look forward for your opinion.

  3. Support should be a concern, also that this is not a U.S. based company and you may be hosting sensitive company information in clients databases. But i do find the proposition very tempting.

  4. Excellent video. Almost ready to switch. However, I wonder if cloudways handle email accounts and hosting? How easy is accessing email services on cloudways?

  5. Also the first website migration is free after that it is $25, they don't do malware removal and they don't do image hotlinking removal. Not saying its a good or bad thing just something I just found out researching today might be of use to somebody. Thanks for the post!

  6. Wow, Cloudways seemed like a great way to go until I dug into their pricing model and found this:


    which essentially says they will invoice you the base amount plus any overages meaning for each month your invoice could be larger that planned and it has no upper limit. Kind of like handing someone a blank check and is a deal breaker if I can't see a way to limit this


  7. Huh?? Cloudways’ “innovative approach” of letting you choose the VPS provider is standard among cloud-manager hosts: GridPane, RunCloud, SpinupWP, Server Pilot, etc. Also, some of those competitors provide trials without a credit card. I'm not saying Cloudways isn't good, or that any others are better, but you make it sound like Cloudways is the only one doing this.

  8. And if I create 2 servers for 1gb I have to pay 10 dollars for Both severs or just 10 dollars for all the severs I want ?

  9. I am using hostinger based on one of your earlier reviews – and they've always responded quickly to questions – but today the bot phrases says they typically respond within a few HOURS! Is this unusual?

  10. But with AWS, you also need to pay for outbound data transfer, DNS requests, volume size, additional IPs, and much more. It's justified I think because Cloudways needs to account for all these additional costs. And for someone who wants to rent a 4 GB server on AWS, I think he most probably is going with crazy traffic.

    I recently watched your best private email hosting video, and you should give https://mailbox.org/en/ a try. I've been using them from last 3 years and it's the best email hosting I've come across. Their servers are located in Germany and are very reliable in my personal experience. And for someone like me, who's a paranoid about storing his data online, even https://www.privacytools.io/providers/email/ mentions them as one of the best Privacy-Conscious Email Providers.

  11. I'm glad that you're having a great experience with Cloudways. Thanks for mentioning me in your detailed Cloudways review.

    If you need any further assistance regarding Cloudways hosting, feel free to ask me.

  12. Hi bro, I have a domain name, but I need a website builder and business email but not expensive, could you please help me

  13. I took your advice and did Hostinger. Cheap and easy. It was a good decision, thank you. I have my WordPress site up and I'm SO happy I quit Wix. Thank you, man.

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