How to Use Zoom Online Meetings - Setting up an account and hosting a meeting tutorial

How to Use Zoom Online Meetings – Setting up an account and hosting a meeting tutorial

This video has been updated 2020!!!
Audio Enhancement for Zoom Krisp:
Add this to your meeting instructions:
When joining zoom by dialing in by phone, the following commands can be entered via DTMF tones using your phone’s dialpad while in a Zoom Meeting:

*6 – Toggle mute/un-mute
*9 – Toggle raise/lower hand

Here are the green screen things I use for my videos:
Green screen curtain:
Green screen collapsible:

Need better lighting? Here are the lighting things I use for my videos:
Ring Light:
Umbrella Lights:

This is for clearing up sound in Zoom

Need better sound? Here are the mics that I use:
Yeti mic:
Rode phone mic:
Need this adapter for iPhone 3ring-to-4ring audio adapter:
Lightening to 3.5 adapter:

These are the best headphones I have found for Zoom or just on your computer:

This video is about Using Video Meetings –– specifically why you should use online meetings and a bit of a tutorial on how to use my favorite online meeting platform, Zoom.

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29 thoughts on “How to Use Zoom Online Meetings – Setting up an account and hosting a meeting tutorial

  1. Super helpful tutorial, Ben! Thanks for creating this and bringing more people onto the Zoom platform. Would love for you to check out Circles for an easier and more efficient interface for Zoom calls:

  2. You are just too hard to watch. I guess you think you're jokes are funny… You're not even clear – why do we need to download the app on our phones if we're going to use Zoom on our computers? Stick to your day job…I hope this isn't your day job. You might also think about using Invisalign – it would make a HUGE improvement.

  3. Literally zoom is so shit it says not eligible to sing up for zoom but I click everything u did on the vid like wtf

  4. 1. from my Macpro laptop, can I project the participants on to my TV. And how do I do that.
    2. can I use an external Mic. How do I do it

  5. I cannot get all the invitees to show up in my laptop screen in the "collage" like yours does. How can I do that? On my screen, the only person who shows up is the person talking, and it bounces back and forth. I want to be able, as the meeting organizer, to see all the participants, all the time???

  6. This was no help to explain to some Seniors who do not have Facebook for some reason or another. I know you want people to buy a monthly plan but not everyone will be able to do that.

  7. Can you please show how to get people to pay you through zoom? I mean is everyone here to teach free classes.

  8. Thank you Ben for your positive information.. nice to see doterra info I also am part of Doterra. Great to see your smiling face in these times of this terrible virus. God bless you and your family.

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