How to use Zoom Breakout Rooms - Tutorial for Beginners

How to use Zoom Breakout Rooms – Tutorial for Beginners

Using Zoom breakout rooms can take your video meetings to a whole new level. Whether you use Zoom meetings for teaching, training, or business, breakout rooms allow your participants to engage in a different way. In this video tutorial, Scott Friesen shows you everything you need to know about Zoom breakout rooms.

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00:00 Why Zoom Breakout Rooms are valuable
01:13 How to turn on Zoom Breakout Rooms in Settings
02:01 How to Create Breakout Rooms in Zoom meeting
03:41 How to Edit Breakout Rooms before opening them up
04:55 How to Rename Breakout Rooms in Zoom
05:23 How to Recreate Breakout Rooms in Zoom
06:01 Advanced Breakout Room Options
08:21 How to Launch Breakout Rooms for all participants
09:03 How to Join a Breakout Room as a Host
10:21 How to Send a Message to Breakout Rooms
11:37 How to Close All Breakout Rooms

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43 thoughts on “How to use Zoom Breakout Rooms – Tutorial for Beginners

  1. Want more Zoom meeting tips that will make you look like a pro? Watch this next:

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  2. I'll be using Breakout rooms for the first time in my classroom tomorrow and this just eased my fear that I'm going to completely mess it up. Thanks for being so clear with your instructions.

  3. This is the most clear and concise tutorial I have ever watched. I am not tech savy at all and this tutorial has allowed me to look like I am ! Thank you for such a wonderfully created video.

  4. Thanks for the tips.. This was very helpful. Could you help me handle this setup? I have 4 breakout rooms 5 co-hosts, and about 80 participants. I want zoom to do all the assigning. however, I need to have 1 co-host in each room. How can I do this if I'm letting zoom do the automating? Thanks in advance.

  5. Question: what happens if a new participant join the meeting after the breakout rooms are started?
    Thank you for this video, very well explained!

  6. Yes I agree with others that this was fantastic. And yes you have perfect broadcasting voice. One question, is there a way to use the automatic room assignments function for all but 3 of the participants (who I wish to stay with me in the main room?) I figure I can do it manually but would love if there was some short cut.

  7. Thank you very much I have seen the prices I do not understand, it seems it cots a fortune (ZOOM / plan and pricing section on zoom website) Do I need to pay pay monthly or annually per webinars plus if I want to put my clients into breakout rooms, for example, 3 rooms it will cost me monthly 50 eur per each breakup room For example. the price for webinars up to 100 people is 37 eur per month, I thought this price includes as many breakup rooms for my clients as I assign, Usually up to 4 breakup rooms. Then I saw that (ZOOM / plan and pricing section on zoom website) )there are Zoom Rooms ( I do not understand what they mean by zoom rooms – I understood these are breaup rooms ) and each room costs 50 eur per month, What is this feature if you know please?  I just want to host up to 8 seminars/ classes per week, with each class duration 60 minutes. In each class participation up to 8 people. I want them to work in pairs during the class so would need to put them in break-up rooms.  I am confused please help Thank you very much in advance How much do I need to pay if I want to use ZOOM they way I have just explained. Many thanks!

  8. Great tutorial. I have a question: meeting that i am going to host has a 'Speaker' , i dont want him to be in any room initally, but would like him to join later on demand from any Room

  9. when i have multiple rounds of breakout sessions in one meeting, can i reassign participants to different breakout groups for each round or must the breakout group membership remain the same throughout the multiple breakout rounds?

  10. Do you have an updated Breakout Rooms video covering the new features of participants joining their own room instead of being assigned? thanks for this, it has been super helpful!

  11. If I automatically create break out rooms and then bring everyone back to the main room and then automatically create breakout rooms again will people go back to the same room they were in the first time?

  12. If someone joins the main room after the breakout rooms are already live, can you add them to an existing breakout room at that point?

  13. Is there an easy way to combine pre assignment of members of my team – one to each breakout room and then random population of the remainder during the meeting?

  14. This is the most informative and helpful video I have watched yet on the topic of Zoom breakout rooms. Thank you!

  15. check these tips to optimize zoom..

  16. This was very helpful. He went step by step and I am prepared now! It was also enjoyable and I felt like I was watching a news broadcaster tell me about the 2020 Zoom Olympics or something.

  17. Well put together tutorial – thank you. Just a question… if you are recording your Zoom meetings – I'm assuming it only records the main room and not the breakout rooms?

  18. Can you select the students in advance to go into a break out room, OR do you have to wait until they are all there. With 30 students it could take a while to get them in the exact room I want them in.

  19. Scott, thank you for keeping these videos concise and easy to follow. Now I know how to navigate from one breakout room to another.

  20. I was hoping to have a way to help small groups manage time every few minutes. The only way I see to do that is to send a broadcast message that 'time is up, move to the next person' or some such thing. Is that correct?

  21. Do I need to create the meeting before going to my settings? I am trying to find the Account Settings button (without having an active meeting) but it is not there. Please help!!

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