How to use Google Cloud for Cloud Gaming - Video Tutorial!

How to use Google Cloud for Cloud Gaming – Video Tutorial!

Google Cloud has the potential to be a great Cloud Gaming Service. You just need the knowledge to configure it correctly. That’s what you’ll get in this Video. Plus, when you sign up for a Google Cloud Account, they’ll give you $300 of free credit for Gaming!


– Google Cloud Sign-Up:
– Google Cloud Server Locations:
– Nvidia Grid P100 Driver:
– Parsec:


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24 thoughts on “How to use Google Cloud for Cloud Gaming – Video Tutorial!

  1. Hello. i am getting this error when i create the vm workstation: Quota 'GPUS_ALL_REGIONS' exceeded. Limit: 0.0 globally.
    Any idea ?

  2. can i place a 20 gb file in a cloud drive, delete it from my system, and drag and drop the game to download it again?

  3. I have problem for GPU’s the exceed from 0.0
    I try to send a request For upgrade this amount to 1 but everytime was denied …
    Why ?
    They say to wait 48 hours or Have or have a billing history good …
    I already upgrade my account with my credit card and I have 300$ of free credit …
    Pls help me!!

  4. I'm trying to run blender on it but says I need to update graphics and drivers with the support of openGL 3.3 or higher, also the instantance I created does not have virtual workstation on, is enabling this necessary?

  5. Windows VMs not supported by the free trial anymore. Oof. it says to enable billing, but I gave them my payment information already. Also, does Google bill hourly or a set amount per month regardless of how much you use your server?

  6. Two questions.
    Do I have to use parsec or can I just use the Google one that is built-in. (what are the advantages)

    Also how long will the 300dollar credit last with your exact configuration.

  7. Year 2020: "Windows VM instances are not included with the free trial. To use them, first enable billing on your account. You'll still be able to apply your free trial credits to eligible products and services."

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