19 thoughts on “How To Upload MVC Project On Shared Hosting (Plesk) Godaddy Server

  1. hello sir my client hosted his wesite on go daddy server bt there is only HTML is showing .. not loading all other files like .css and js … for that we need to allow permission for particular user…..Reply me asap.

  2. hello i am trying to upload my mvc project using the filezilla but there are some files that cannot be uploaded like csi.exe of the roslyn. how do i go about it?

  3. a true MVC app runs through the DLL files in bin combined with the views, content & scripts.. then you only need Global.asax, favicon & web.config from root files. I would love to know the plesk settings that made the mvc app run though. or if it's utilizing the .cs application source files? The source files should not be shared, so as to protect your application from source code theft.

  4. Thank you man ,i strugled like anything
    am trying to publish my all conent forgot to build and deploy

    Thanks for your clarification

  5. Can anybody please guide me how to deploy Web API project on server like this only ? I have uploaded files on specific folder yet getting 404 error and even after passing URI {controller/action} is not hitting my methods. Windows Server R2 SP1 is used on server. And VS2017 targetFramework 4.6.1 for development. Please

  6. This is not the best way to publish ASP.NET MVC website. You should compile all the cs files then publish to the remote server using VS publishing wizard.

  7. its insecure publish method… don't use because all .cs are visible … you may try to deploy method because all cs files are converted to .dll into binary format so nobody can read it

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