20 thoughts on “How To Transfer WordPress Domain Name to Google Cloud Hosting

  1. What did you think of this tutorial?
    If you want to view this tutorial with each command listed step-by-step, check out the version at onepagezen.com:
    Thanks for watching!

  2. So i followed this guide. Thank you so much!!! this got my website up and working. However i have encountered an error in the MX for domain alias due to using custom servers. I have other domains just no websites yet and the alias's are working fine just the wp website.

  3. Yay this worked! I had to unlock the domain on my registrar for it to allow me to use the new nameservers. Then I could lock it again after it was done.

  4. Very good just, just a small mention, you add dot after com and it will fail "….com." must be just ….com

  5. This tutorial is fantastic. A newbie like me can understand fully and get it done the first time. Thank you.

  6. pls help to install free ssl certificate on google gloud. i cant understand. I hope you guide me.

  7. How is CNAME different from an A record. I used A instead of CNAME for ''www". It still worked for me 0_o

  8. Thanks for the tutorial, this really helped me get my website up and running!
    I didn't like forwarding the domain to the ip address using the A name as it would still show the pages static domain/ip address

  9. I have two question
    1. I already follow all the tutorial and successfully connect my domain to GCP, but when I try to visit my website the website loaded so fast but the domain become an IP address, did I miss something?
    2. Sometimes my client is from China, and in china all google service are blocked, if I put my hosting on google cloud, the people in china can have an access or not?
    Thank you in Advanced

  10. Very great tutorial👍
    I follow everything but i only got one ns1.alphawordsblabla.no-numerics.
    In your video, you get ns1, ns2, ns3, ns4… Any clue Anyone? ✌😎

  11. Hi. I have been watching your videos for last 3 days. I am struggling with the issue….i need to add directory to the domain i am going to point out for wordpress at Google cloud. Could you please help ? Can't find any videos so far.

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