How to Transfer Files Using SSH

How to Transfer Files Using SSH

In this video, I go over how to transfer files using ssh. You will be able to SFTP and SCP for this and I show how to do this in both Windows and Linux. I also wrote up a definitive guide on how to setup, secure, configure, use, and transfer files using SSH @

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26 thoughts on “How to Transfer Files Using SSH

  1. What is password you entered here in winscp I am trying 3 days to find out this password I am not getting it.

    Can anyone tell me plzzz I will be very grateful to you.

  2. Never fails. Every time I hear someone talking about something in Windows, eventually I'm going to hear the word "sucks". But the Linux stuff is exactly what I needed. Now I havd 2 ways to transfer files. Thanks!

  3. Is this to get into any computer? or does that other computer have to be set up as a server, whatever that means?

    ie with the ip, user and pass can you log into any computer?

  4. Why do you need to mess with putty, when there is a terminal in Windoze? I don''t have a Windoze machine open right now, but the terminal, not CMD, will do ssh just fine.

  5. Many thanks, especially for bringing WinSCP to my attention. I need to transfer one file to a Raspberry and it worked so easily. Command line was throwing up an error that it could not resolve the host filename!

  6. Hi Chris, I am a Windows user and my needs are simple; What is the fastest way to copy files from one drive to another on the same computer? I also wonder if it will also work on my local network computers – I tried xCopy, and its new name tool and nothing is really that fast from a native copy. I have ASUS RamPage Extreme V, with Intel 8 core CPU, 32Ram and 256SSD; and I get when coping is 33MB/s Max; that's a joke… please help – I move video files all the time and they average of 15GB.

  7. Do you have video for SSH/TLS tunneling for Linux?
    I am using HTTP Injector by Evozi for Android but I can't for Linux 😔
    Thanks! ☺️

  8. You could make a few updates:

    Linux: rsync, sshfs

    Windows 10 1809+: openssh command line SSH, scp an sftp is included in the OS now… No need for Putty/WinSCP if not desired

  9. Titus Tech is a boon to Linux and anyone with a bit of time and tenacity. Awesome stuff keep it going.

  10. Your all video's are excellent. I have learned many new things from those video's.

    Looking forward to have a video on BackupPC [] on how to correctly set the server and how to add Windows as well as Linux Client. Its very tricky. My several attempts are failed to configure correctly. BackupPC. I plan to keep all the backups on Freenas.

    "BackupPC is a high-performance, enterprise-grade system for backing up Linux, Windows and macOS PCs and laptops to a server's disk. BackupPC is highly configurable and easy to install and maintain., No client-side software is needed." — This is what site says hence looks very attractive proposition.

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