How to Start a Web Hosting Company (Easy Passive Income!)

How to Start a Web Hosting Company (Easy Passive Income!)

Get your server and get started! Click the link and then click on “Reseller Hosting”:

Watch the entire playlist on starting your web hosting company here:

Each month, I generate easy passive income using my web hosting business. It took a little bit of time to acquire clients, but now, it keeps chugging along easily and makes me around $700/month. Due to popular request, I’ve created a video playlist breaking down each and every step on how to purchase a server, how to find clients, how to generate income, how to collect payments using paypal, and much more. Click the link to get started.

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31 thoughts on “How to Start a Web Hosting Company (Easy Passive Income!)

  1. You can watch the entire playlist on how to start making passive income from your web business here:

  2. Hey Bryce,
    Hope you're doing well and safe.
    I wanted to know, how do you usually approach clients that require sites built/hosted that involve Card Details (CCNs/DCNs)? Since that mandates compliance with PCI-DSS (Payment Card industry Data Security Standards) whenever payments/cards are involved. What are the additional responsibilities as a designer/host in those cases and how do you manage them over the year?

  3. Found out your channel. You're amazing. It's December 17th 2020 and you're only at 5k subscribers. Surprised you're not a million already

  4. I want to introduce you to a Web Hosting Company that offers you the best…

  5. Hi,
    We are interested in paying you to create a video review for us comparing99design logos vs DesignBro (us).

  6. Bryce, I am interested in starting a web hosting business. How secure will the customers sites be that your hosting? How does security come into play? Also. How secure is it when using WordPress for website building?

  7. Have been researching about this and it turns out it may be illegal in some countries. You have to get know with the laws. In my country if I start selling this and not get approved by government (licence, make a company and pay taxes) they can put you in jail and make a you have to pay big fine. So take causions and research before starting anything online.

  8. This is great way to make passive income.
    Just one question: What would be the best server location to choose for someone who leaves in South Africa?

    Thanks again for the great value

  9. It can be actually very profitable as a business, though no doubt you’ll be needing a lot of experience and if you stop working on it so will the sales. There are many competitors around, you’ll be needing constant marketing

  10. Hello, sir hope your enjoying your day.
    Please I have some questions to discuss with you if you can reply to me.

    1: How can I integrate packages to buy WordPress hosting?

    2: Same question about SSL certificates?

    3: How to configure the Enom so the customers can purchase domains?
    Thank you so much for the playlist.

  11. Have you gained anymore clients since the creation of this video? I’m curious to see if you’ve managed to make 1000 a month from this. I started this week after watching your videos, and i’ve got my monthly check at 60$ in profit for now. My goal is to reach 200 soon so i can essentially pay for my car payments. Thank you for all your knowledge!

  12. Hi, thank you so much, you inspire me to do this. I have only one question how do you give your clients Unlimited SSD and unlimited Bandwidth with your Gold plan if a2hosting maximum plan is only 200GB SSD and 2000GB bandwidth?

  13. Found you on Reddit and I think this is the perfect way for me to kinda dip my toes in the sands of passive income. This seems like a perfect option to get rolling. Thanks for your videos, they are very helpful!

  14. windows server down.
    our reseller accounts are closed
    they did not refund
    we were in a very difficult situation…
    all they do
    for every negative comment
    fake mail to make positive comments

  15. 1. You dont need to worry about Tenents Flooding the place or Destroying it? "Thinks to myself…." What if someone starts using your Webhosting to host a Shell script for a DoS attack? Thats kinda like flooding your house? But in a server kinda way :p

  16. I started a web hosting reseller service more than a year ago and i'm still not covering my expenses because I have only 4 clients. I think the reason is because of the low prices I charge and that bad UI of the website itself, also I guess I lack marketing experience. however, i'm thinking to change the business's name and start charging more for new customers maybe that will do better. I will watch your other videos, looks helpful!

  17. Hi Bryce! Thank you so much for sharing this awesome side hustle!! <3 Im looking at the reseller accounts right now and it says that client accounts are 40 etc depending on type. Does this mean that I can only have a maximum number of 40 websites :o! Just wondering because I thought it was unlimited for some reason?

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