How to signup & configure a hosted Rust server - GameServerKings

How to signup & configure a hosted Rust server – GameServerKings

I had some audio sync issues, i will try to resolve these for the next video.

Use this link to get a great server and support my channel 🙂


0:35 – Intro

1:02 – Rust hosting compare
1:29 – TCAdmin
1:44 – Why

2:20 – What is a server slot

2:42 – Start Sign Up
4:05 – Follow the Emails

4:20 – Login client area
4:29 – Rust Server Information page

5:41 – TCAdmin Game Control panel
6:12 – Command line Manager
6:54 – Host name & Proc gen map info
7:31 – Update your server
7:51 – Mod Manager / Umod
8:22 – RustEdit Extension for custom maps
9:09 – Configurable files
9:54 – Server Variables
10:37 – Umod Configuration
11:05 – Run a Custom map
11:51 – Web File manager

12:07 – Filezilla Connection

13:04 – Web Console

14:01 – Rust Server Connection info (F1 – Connect IP)

14:42 – Rust Admin / RCON connection

15:20 – Make someone Admin / Owner (Ownerid Steam64ID)
15:57 – Save the config (Writecfg)
16:10 – Spawning items

16:47 – Wipe Types
16:57 – Knowledge base

17:16 – Run Server commands
17:40 – Small RustAdmin Overview

18:28 – outro

Affiliate link:
RustAdmin: (i use the non online version in this video)
Basic admin commands:
Custom map hosting tutorial:
Lone for Map relate needs:





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20 thoughts on “How to signup & configure a hosted Rust server – GameServerKings

  1. According to Gameseverkings, they do not offer AUS Rust servers,
    If I use a different website but still use one with TcAdmin, should most of the information youve given in this video be relevent?

  2. filezila dosent work for me i cant connect help. this is what it stands for me Status:

    Error: Cannot establish FTP connection to an SFTP server. Please select proper protocol.

    Error: Critical error: Could not connect to server

  3. nice one, im thinking about using gameserver kings. it looks like the website is very responsive. we are using a different one now that has a good support team, but the site is very sluggish.

  4. Very good video, thank you. If you could do the same in French for me (hello from Burgundy) … Thank you 🙂

    P.S. I understood a little bit anyway.

  5. Three weeks into trying to set up my server, i found this video. An hour later i had my fully modded server up and running. You are the best Ted Pommes

  6. So I made myself a custom map, got it running public through GSK, gave myself admin auth level 2, I can give myself items, use /radar, but the Vanish command is not working and none of NPC's or electrical stuff is working.. It all worked fine in my private test server.. am i doing something wrong or is this stuff just not supported by GSK?

  7. jesus i wish i saw this 4 days ago ahahaaa. this is my serverhost…. but this will be great. thank you. i was wondering if you could help me with the deathnotes plugin, and how do i localize it to one group? i tried making packages with them but everyone is still able to see the deathnotes in chat.

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