21 thoughts on “How to Setup Your Own Personal Cloud Storage

  1. Thanks for this. I am not technical at all, but would love to set this up. Is there any subscription cost for access to the cloud when setting it up this way? Sorry if this is such a naïve question for all of you techies that understand all of this better. I've had two external hard drives crash losing everything. So silly of me to not keep it on cloud storage years ago. I am imagining that the external hard drive is just a conduit to the cloud in this case? Is there a way to set it up so that it is automatically uploading everything to the cloud and not us manually saving there each time. I would need to be able to cable connect my phone to the computer in order to upload photos and videos from my phone to the cloud, correct?

  2. The Raspberry Pi images are no longer listed on SourceForge, if I want to duplicate this project, is there any other place I can download them from?

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