38 thoughts on “How to Setup your FIRST Sneaker Server w/ AWS (Amazon Web Services)

  1. wtf is this

    We weren't able to connect to your instance. Common reasons for this include:

    SSM Agent isn't installed on the instance. You can install the agent on both Windows instances and Linux instances.

    The required IAM instance profile isn't attached to the instance. You can attach a profile using AWS Systems Manager Quick Setup.

    Session Manager setup is incomplete. For more information, see Session Manager Prerequisites.

  2. Lmao!! I find it hilarious that everyone is having such a hard time with this. Makes you think if its even worth it..

  3. Ok this might be dumb but can someone help me. When I get onto the was server it wont let me get to the footsites is that normal? Or when I put my proxies into my bot the shouldn't matter?

  4. Lmao, yeah you really should have included that a dedicated server will charge you an extra $2/hr. Ripped through all my credit and have a $60 bill on top of that for the month. Lmao, should just get a dedicated 24hr server in that case.

  5. Good video but slow down. You move too fast. Remember that people who are watching your video have never done this before. You’ve done it a million times so it’s old had to you.
    Expound on what and why you are doing what you do and SLOW down. Thumbs up for the vid.

  6. The proxy video that you had linked in another video says it is a private video. Any news on how to view that?

  7. Yo! Your video are spot on! Classroom teaching meets woodshop shit! I built mine off yours! I’m not in any cook group and going at this alone with my son! Can we slide into UC? Thanks peace!

  8. anyone have trouble with aws not allowing programs like cookie aio to run or blocking websites like footlocker?

  9. When you buy AWS credits, does it matter which one it is, or do i need to look for anything? Also where are these servers located? Is their anyway i can change the location of the server? Or does that even matter?

  10. One thing I want to know is how does the Ram space work in a server. I want to be able to run 200 tasks on my bot without it lagging.

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