How-to: Setup PostgreSQL on Synology for Resolve 15 (Step-by-step)

How-to: Setup PostgreSQL on Synology for Resolve 15 (Step-by-step)

IMPORTANT! The listen_addresses changed in the sed command is causes conflicts with Synology packages. It should be:

sed -i “6s/’’/’, ip.address.of.nas’/” /etc/postgresql/postgresql.conf
instead of:
sed -i “6s/*/” /etc/postgresql/postgresql.conf

This applies to the scheduled task too.
Make sure to replace the ip.address.of.nas with the IP-address of your nas, obviously.

Download PuTTY :
Download pgAdmin:

For Mac users you can use Terminal instead of PuTTY. Use the command ‘ssh [email protected]’ to connect via SSH.

Remember to do the last step in DSM (Task Scheduler) in order for the configuration files to remain after a system update! (Your data and user will not be removed after an update, but you would have to repeat editing the configuration files.)

This video will show you how to create PostgreSQL databases for DaVinci Resolve. In Resolve 15 this will allow you to create sound effect libraries, and shared/collaborative projects on your LAN network.

Read more:

I used a Synology DS218j. I assume this would work on any linux server with postgres installed. (Note: I am not very familiar with linux)

I intend to create a lot more content on new workflows and technical software related to video/photo in the near future! (With audio, ofcourse!)


30 thoughts on “How-to: Setup PostgreSQL on Synology for Resolve 15 (Step-by-step)

  1. PSA!! For those experiencing issues with packages in the latest DSM Update

    For some reason you are no longer able to issue a restart of postgres from the terminal on-boot, as this will 'break' the current postgres session. I will look for a way to fix this but in the meantime removing a line from the Task in Task Scheduler, and restarting the NAS solves it. The only downside is that when a new update hits, you would need to manually restart the NAS for postgres to be properly configured.

    The line that needs to be ignored is the last one, just remove & reboot and all should be in working order again:
    su – postgres -c "pg_ctl -m fast restart"

    For those of you first following the tutorial, instead of issuing the command: "pg_ctl -m fast restart", you would need to manually restart the NAS itself instead. I don't believe there will be any other issues.

  2. Hey this is the only good guide I think out there on how to do this! nice one for making it! 

    Got it up and running without any major hitches. Only slight change is in DaVinchi 17 Beta it needed the database encoding to be UTF-8 now. Being that a few other things had changed since this vid was made I'm sure the internet would love you if you made another more up to date guide 🙂 😉

  3. I did all the steps on the tutorial, however I get : FATAL: no pg_hba.conf entry for host "***.***.***.**", user "postgres", database "postgres" when trying to create a server with pg admin both 3 and 4

  4. hey man awesome post… thanks a lot. But I made a mistake. By mistake I’ve deleted a project from postgresql database in my synology nas… is there any way to retieve it.. please helpme out or else I’ll lose all my edit of this project.

  5. Wow! this just works! Set it up on my Synology 1819+. Thanks a kazillion for taking the time to investigate and write up this thorough, easy-to-understand guide – including directions for backup and everything. You Rock! – sending the best of karma your way 😀

  6. Hey! Thanks for this guide. I successfully followed your excellent guide, but can't connect t the SQL(3 or 4) admin to my NAS. All machines have fixed IP, but when I try and join servers on NAS IP, it refuses to connect and says : FATAL: no pg_hba.conf entry for host "", user "postgres", database "postgres. That is IP address of my workstation NOT the Nas. I am not sure if I should be port forwarding on my router (tried), but I can't see a way of forcing PGAdmin to look at the right ip address!!! Any help appreciated

  7. Anybody else stuck on the createuser -p -s -e postgres? I get the error "Createuser: could not connect to database postgres: invalid port number: "-s" " Ive tried changing the listen_addressess but doesnt change anything – I literally have no idea what im doing haha!

  8. So if I'm understanding correctly, the Resolve Project Server is there to create a SQL-database locally on the computer. If I want to have this on my Synology-NAS for other users to access at all times, I need to follow the steps shown in this video. Is this correct? I'm a bit confused, because setting up the database on a NAS is how most production companies will need it and it seems quite over-complicated…

  9. Followed your steps, everything is working but how do I connect another Mac to access the Resolve Database if it's connected through a different LAN port with another static IP?

  10. I got my SQL working for Windows 10 with pgAdmin 3. However, for my Macbook it doesn't connect to that same database. My theory is perhaps the database has to be tweaked to allow connections from mobile devices. Have you had experience with connecting to the PostgresSQL on a mac?

  11. What about MariaDB? Could I use that to set up the database since it is already part of the Synology Package Center.

  12. Thank you so much for the video!!
    I had absolutely no knowledge whatsoever about posgresql and I could make it work on my da vinci resolve session. Very very useful work!!
    Thanks! Thumb up ^^
    Oh btw. I did everything you said up to the end, but I don't understand what the last part is intended to… the things you do in the task scheduler.

  13. Thanks for this – however for some reason when I try to login to postgres using the step:
    su – postgres
    It states:
    su: user – does not exist

    I've checked both the files mentioned and they are both correct with the amended text for my IP, and all steps were completed on the NAS first…

  14. 🎬 1 📽 🎞 🗣 🎙 🗺 🌎🌍🌏 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Review❗️ Outstanding, thank you so much for sharing.❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ Love watching 🤔🧐 👁👁 👍🏿 👩🏾‍💻 Good Demonstration,✅✅✅✅✅ One Journey 🗺🌎🌍🌏 Let's Make It Count❗️
    ✍🏽you moved a little fast…

  15. Thanks for this vid!! I'm new to this, so this may be obvious… but how do you build the postgres on a specific volume in the NAS? (I have a separate SSD volume in there dedicated to this.)

  16. Hi, I was able to make a copy of the database, and i have file like this: 20190520 psql.backup.sql. The question is how I can restore database from this file? should it be done by davinci or pgadmin or something else?
    Thanks for your tutorial:)

  17. Thanks for your explanations. 🙂

    I have been able now to connect to my database located at my nas but do I also need a project server running? All time I open the same project on two different PCs I get an error: the project could not be loaded in collaboration mode as Resolve was unable to establish a connection to communicate with other users. Please ensure that the machines are not connected using a VPN and that DaVinci Resolve is not being blocked by the system firewall.

    If i run a project server on of the clients, everything is working as expected. So… do I also need to run a project server?

    (I'm very sorry for my rusty english).


    The listen_addresses changed in the sed command is causes conflicts with Synology packages. It should be:

    sed -i "6s/''/', ip.address.of.nas'/" /etc/postgresql/postgresql.conf

    instead of:

    sed -i "6s/*/" /etc/postgresql/postgresql.conf

    This applies to the scheduled task too.

    Make sure to replace the ip.address.of.nas with the IP-address of your nas, obviously.

  19. Hello
    I follow the steps in your video and I managed to get it worked, as the database is working in resolve…BUT it messed up completely my NAS as my others apps (Drive, DS File, DS audio…) are not working anymore..
    could you explain how to remove PGSQL from the NAS ?

  20. i don't understand why this doesn't work for me… it's extremely frustrating to have to fiddle around like that, I just want to start working on my collaborative projects lol

  21. Update: pgAdmin 3 appears to be more compatible with Synology's version of PostgreSQL. Use that instead of pgAdmin 4.

  22. Or you could add a docker container for Postgres and use the PGPORT, PGHOST, and PGHOSTADDR env variables to have Resolve use that postgres server

  23. Hi, your tutorial is very helpful but i have one problem:(
    Im stuck on 3:02, I cant make new Database, this is how my screen looks:
    Do you have any idea how to fix this?

  24. I wrote a more detailed blogpost on my new website about managing PostgreSQL on Synology servers, which also includes automatic backup routines! For those interested the link is in the description.

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