38 thoughts on “How to Setup an Amazon (AWS) Server

  1. UAE server location available in EC2. How can I change my server location ? How can I use UAE VPS on Aws. You should also teach how to select server location while launching EC2

  2. Just know that not all servers are free. I watched this video and picked a windows 2019 server and received a bill for $1000 which I was completely thrown off by. AWS makes it too easy to set up a server but they are too subtle about the fees you will be charged.

  3. Webkingston Company View – this is a viewing right now. so about this video let's see' if this good. let's watch right now. 2019.

  4. getting this error when i try to make the server "You have requested more instances (1) than your current instance limit of 0 allows for the specified instance type. Please visit http://aws.amazon.com/contact-us/ec2-request to request an adjustment to this limit."

    why is that?

  5. I know this video is old, but it tells me my max allowed instances is 0 and support won't increase my limit. I need a legit use case for it?

  6. They wouldn't allow me to purchase that instance. They said I was "too new" of a customer. I had to write to them kinda begging them to let me get your same exact instance, waiting on their reply now.

  7. Helpful! I just wanted to know one thing, the public IP that shows in instances page, is it going to change on reboot? Can use this IP to connect to a server application running on the machine?

  8. pls see my question: Do I need to stop or terminate the instance after I was done copping? And start a new instance next time?

  9. I use the AWS to try it but supreme website doesn’t wanna open on chrome my bot works but when I try to go to their site I can’t open it any clues on how to fix that ???

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