15 thoughts on “How to Setup a Website on Digitalocean

  1. If digital ocean relies on terminal and commands to setup server and make website or add files, i'm out. i'm not a programmer.

  2. How did you create the ssh key? I'm not too familiar with those and entering exactly what you did on the terminal did nothing (because I don't have an ss file or directory)

  3. You should rename this video to "Noob Setup VPS Server" you did not get into hostnames or whatever, thats not how to setup a website, there is no www.domain.com in there, this video becomes misleading with that. You are not showing how to setup a website, you are showing how to install a system into a droplet and deploy into a given IP. Thats not a website at all. Anyways, keep up, I am sure you will make some better videos like this in the future.

  4. Great video. Thanks. I've been struggling a bit with my Digital Oceans. I tried to install gatsby but couldn't. I'll try this out. You should do a Digital Oceans overview of what you can use to set up a static site. You don't need a database for a basic static site right?

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