How To Make A Virtual Server

How To Make A Virtual Server

Learn how to make a simple virtual server for home use using free software! I go through the steps kind of quickly in the video, but you can find full steps, links, and details at the project page here:

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35 thoughts on “How To Make A Virtual Server

  1. Awesome video!
    If in case I have switch off my PC and the machine is currently running, will it be affect its performance, like for example I have may virtual browser running on my virtual server?

  2. Even today on 9-10-2020, this is still so relevant and an interesting way to handle launching and killing virtual machines. I sure hadn't thought of that. But, very, very brilliant approach. Thanks.

  3. VPS from WELL-WEB NET are great for website, price from 8$. High-speed processor, unlimited traffic, convenient control. Installing control panel (Webmin, Vestacp, cpanel and etc) – FREE! For registration you can use anything name/female/tel – him not check anything. The main advantages are that they configure everything themselves for free and all they need to do is say what you want to deliver, and the other is that in the Netherlands and the USA they give out IP from random networks, which is very important for me in the case of proxy! I recommend to try and not to suffer with the setting on the video – it’s enough to explain what you need and you will be set up and told how to use it. Now the special bonus – discount 50%!

  4. uses windows 7 as a host, installs virtualbox and uses it command line "to save memory" and adds ssh to manage win 7 server ?!
    our civilization is doomed!

  5. If I open the ports on my firewall to each vm, can I access each individual vm through my static and port number?

  6. Newb here. I had no idea that you can run windows desktop and connect to ubuntu server. Good to know that virtualbox support 3 os's.

  7. I'm new to all this and I'm a little confused. I want to be able to run a virtual machine on the cloud at all times, like to Amazon EC2. Is this video a tutorial on how to do that?

  8. Virtual box it's not working good with big server. and lot of VMs. You need Vmwar Esxi , den server, hyper-V

  9. I love you Tinkernut. I've enjoyed your videos for years. Please don't use those transition noises ever again. That was unbearable.

  10. You don't need that much disc space. Never allocate 100% to a VM up front, the chance of all of them using 100% is effectively zero.

    It's dangerous to split the cores of a CPU, since they are part of the same chip they share resources such as cache. But in some cases can also cause throttling of each other. Don't do the math expecting dedicated cores, that is not the way task switching works.

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