32 thoughts on “How to Launch a Website in 10 Minutes with AWS CloudFormation

  1. hi matt wanted to asked AWS is only for WORDPRESS > I HAVE MY OWN DOMAIN AND HOSTING SITE CAN I USE IN AWS >

  2. I can't understand why there aren't more tutorials on how to get started with AWS. If I see one more "it's so great, you should buy it" bullshit video, I'm going to lose my mind. I DON'T WANT TO READ ALL OF YOUR DOCUMENTATION – MAKE A RELEVANT VIDEO.

  3. A very down to earth tone while describing. No clutter or distraction,all in all a true Amazon Product, any thing lesser is now not acceptable to me.

  4. This guy is on crack if he thinks a regular person that wants a website will understand and remember this and be able to do it. Especially in 10 minutes. Thumbs down. I stopped watching.

  5. I wonder if Amazon is purposely keeping this outdated video on their AWS Main Page as a method of QC.

    – Make it harder for potential clients to understand and have them figure things out on their own
    – Those that do become more self sufficient, therefore less reliant on AWS support

    Either that, or Amazon is just getting lazy…

  6. Can you update this video? Or give us a link to a modern version?? Your screen shots from 2011 have no resemblance to the tools of 2015.

  7. Yes this is outdated. You can now set up a WordPress site in 3 minutes using a template in Cloud Formation. Amazon, please contact me if you want to update your training vids!

  8. Not going to pull many new AWS clients with this vintage video. Scare them away perhaps. like me running now.

  9. Hi!
    After I created the WordPress Blog, how can I access the MySQL database?
    I searched on AWS but not found any answer.
    If you (AWS) cannot answer me, can you link me to the relative docs page?

  10. We are counting down the top 10 AWS videos on our YouTube channel – check back tomorrow for number 9.  Starting at number 10 is "How to Launch a Website in 10 Minutes".

  11. Here's the tutorial in AWS docs–not the same procedure as the video, but it helps:

    AWS CloudFormation : Get Started (AWS docs)

    The doc provides the sample template URL.

    Cool demo!

  12. aws.amazon.com/launch-a-website-in-minutes-tutorial-video-lightbox-test , 'CloudFormationTemplate' download link is in the side column, under "How to get Started".

  13. Very simple way to do things, but it is not the best approach. No SSH access. This creates EC2 instances store-backed AMIs, instead of Amazon EBS-backed AMIs. That means: data is not persistent if the instance is terminated for any reason.

  14. Everything sounds amazing, but there is a HUGE problem: when you want to connect via SSH to the new server (EC2 "instance") you get this error "Instance is not associated with a Key Pair" and there is no way to associated any of your Key Pairs, the only way is to delete the instance and create it again, but then all the LAMP-Wordpress stack will be gone. In other words after you use the CloudFormation-Template you wouldn't be able to connect via SSH.

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