25 thoughts on “How To Interface Between Multiple Docker Containers and Host

  1. Hey if have two node Js file one for server and another for client who are communicating with same port how to create docker image for DAT?

  2. thanks for the example.. it really helped while connecting to one container from another.. However, I could not connect from host to the containers.. I am using windows host and the containers are all Ubuntu 18.04 onwards.. Please let me know if that's causing the issue..

  3. Really a great video thanks for this ,

    how do containers communite in a CICD set up where containers are created and ip are dynamic

  4. I have a issue… I have three Ubuntu servers and I have 12 microservices. One server I created 4 services. One server one compose I configured four services.. I run I'm able register eureka all servixes… Zull gateway I can able to access fst servers but remaining I'm not able to access based on serviceId… Can I tell me where I done mistake

  5. what if I have two vps and I want to share a container between them for example consider that I have a wordpress container on both machine and I've set load balancing between these two servers. the question is if I change wordpress source code in first vps, how to sync it with second server?
    without container I simply use nfs to share app directory, but in this case I don't know how

  6. Easy tutorial to understand as I am just starting to pick up docker. I know how to spell docker last week and today I am just introducing myself on how to pull docker from the docker hub. Can you recommend/recorded tutorial on docker image and docker file for beginners. You use easy language and and perfect example. I love this so far!

  7. Hi, i have a question, What if a container depends on another container. how can we know the ip adress of the independant container ?

  8. I know this is an old video – But using IPs is a silly idea, as in a Docker environment IPs are dynamic and Containers are transient, so every time you rebuilt a container, you'd have to creconfigure everything else!

  9. Hello. And how can you keep data into it? You installed ngnix in the first container but what if you stop the container and restart it again?

  10. Hi, and if i need change the ip addres from names. ex: curl www.containerone.com instead of and www.containerTwo.com instead of
    Any tutorial? Thanks!

  11. This is not extremely useful in my opinion , the networking is completely manual and not durable . I think the video itself is fine , but the content should be included in a beginners tutorial or crash coarse . I was looking for details on creating and managing docker networks and linking . #SorryForTheSalt

  12. Amazingggg !!! If I install docker on window and do steps like this tutorial , how can I access 2 container on Win ? Go to maybe not working

  13. Just a noob question, what does it mean to run a container in "interactive mode" with -it and also run it in "detached" mode, isn't that an oxymoron?

  14. Great tutorial, thank you! Unfortunately, I can't get this to work on my Mac. Perhaps it's a MacOS limitation.

  15. Please someone help me…..when i am installing packages on any container then it is too slow ….like i installed apt-get install gedit then it takes lots of time……and becomes idle in middle ……but when i am typing this out of docker in the root then packages install normally…what could be the problem

  16. Here is better solution https://stackoverflow.com/questions/37242217/access-docker-container-from-host-using-containers-name?answertab=active#tab-top

  17. I wonder if there is a way for container to container communication over UNIX sockets instead of TCP. Even though IP is just fine, it adds the TCP stack overhead. That's why NGINX has the ability to proxy requests to its local unix sockets instead of or localhost.

  18. I have a docker containers running in linux vm. I got a tomcat container with my war file. how can i communicate with my container from my local windows machine. My goal is to get the output in my windows browser. How can i do that? Please help me asap…

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