41 thoughts on “How to Install WordPress on Cloudways

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  2. Can make a ecommerce website just by following these steps please Tell me and also, after upgrading our plan for how many years the website Will be live ??

  3. Is it possible to host and use several non-WordPress websites with different domains in the hosting plans called "Unlimited Websites" ??

  4. 11 minutes of pure knowledge, will surely buy hosting via your referral link and thanks for sharing this amazing videos 🥰

  5. Thanks a lot… I never see such a channel with valid content and excellent presentation.. Hatsoff to team, ❤️💕

  6. Cloudways have horrible technical support, we are trying to get our billing figured out for the second day and they just ignore and close the chat before I have a moment to read their template reply! Very disappointing

  7. Hello Dear,
    I didn't understood about upgrading the Clouways Account. Because, they only got your payment details that's all. Even not accepting any amount. Is there any amount that i have to pay Monthly or Annually??

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  9. How to build a wordpress site on Google cloud platform ? Please make a dedicate video on this topic…..PLEASE REPLY…..

  10. Hey guys. How to place the facebook Pixels code in wordpress landing page. I going to run facebook ads. So i want to place the pixel code in landing page.

  11. Please tell me if we have purchased domain name with ssl certificate, then should we use cloud ways free ssl or automatically our ssl which we purchased with domain will get activated?

  12. Simple and easy explanation. I almost got discouraged trying to do it on my own but thanks so much. You are very easy to understand and make everything plain.

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