How to Install WordPress on AWS

How to Install WordPress on AWS

In this tutorial you will learn how to install WordPress on Amazon’s AWS EC2 cloud platform using the Bitnami version of WordPress on AWS.

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37 thoughts on “How to Install WordPress on AWS

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  2. If I already have a website running on my AWS will it affect it if I create a new Instance and launch WordPress on my new instance?

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  4. I am just starting to touch aws and wordpress, so if i have a domain name, I can direct the domain to the IP address, then my website can be visited? thanks.

  5. I had done this setup back in Jan 2020 as a test post that I didn't use it. Today I tried to login in my wp-admin but I don't remember my password and the system log doesn't show password. What to do? I tried using "Lost Password' but it doesn't help as when I put my WP email it says the account doesn't exist.

  6. I have mapped the IP to a Domain using Route53. However, the WordPress Control Panel has Site URL as the IP address and not the Domain. How do I change it?

  7. Worth to subscribe this channel and I did flawless. I too got black page while get logs from instances. In that case I waited for 2 minutes but it was blank. So I closed the window and tried again then the logs displayed.

  8. Thank you..
    It helped a lot.

    I have a question Is ip adress of the website static or it changes frequently?

    I would use cloud flare CDN….. So i just wanted to know

  9. when I want to reach my wordpress template, why I have my to use IP address and not my domain name? normally it is ( no?

  10. I followed the tutorial in this video, and everything was fine – until I found out that the system log was empty, so I could not find the password for the newly created user. I had to solve it by rebooting the instance: right click on the instance on the EC2 instance dashboard -> click on Instance State -> click on Reboot. It took cca. 5 seconds, and voilá – the system log is not empty, I could find the password.

  11. May I know why I can't receive emails from my wordpress blog installed on AWS? email change from the settings of the blog is always in pending mode.

  12. Hey buddy how much does it cost to run this wordpress site. Last time RDS attached to the AMI cost me a fortune? Are you aware of prices?

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