11 thoughts on “How to install WordPress into your Godaddy hosting account

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  3. So your video was really helpful thank you I now have wordpress installed but do you you have a video taking us through the building of a site using wordpress 3.5.1? Because thats what I need. 🙂

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  5. If you use Fantastico on any host that offers CPanel you can do a much quicker and simpler install and upgrade of WordPress. GoDaddy's setup is actually MUCH more time intensive than using CPanel and Fantastico. Plus, THERE IS NO WAIT – GoDaddy is absolutely the worst at having delays that have nothing to do with the actual process of getting the site installed. Try Siteground, HostGator, Rochenhost or any of the other hosting companies and take control of your time.

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  7. Hi Shawn

    i just did what u advised in ur tutorial but i have been waiting for wordpress to install and nothing has changed. when try to log in to wordpress with details i set up on go daddy it doesn't work, any suggestion to help me please

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  9. Why do you have to wait for it all to auto install. I have a Godaddy as well as Hostican account. On Hostican its auto installed and the process take under a minute if your admin detials ready to hand. There is no waiting for Godaddy to install it for you. Once its done, you can go login in and start configuring your WP blog.

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