How to Install WordPress Blog on Vultr Cloud VPS Server

How to Install WordPress Blog on Vultr Cloud VPS Server

In this video, you will learn how to install WordPress blog on Vultr Cloud VPS server using on click installation. I will show the basic techniques to deploy Unbuntu server on Vultr and how to use one click application to install a new WordPress blog.

What’s more, I teach you how to add domain to server and change site address in your backend dashboard.

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16 thoughts on “How to Install WordPress Blog on Vultr Cloud VPS Server

  1. Great work at making such a great video Kim! There's also the option of using Cloudways, a managed cloud hosting platform. You can launch your server and deploy the application on Cloudways. So, for a person like me that's not a coder it's pretty simple and easy. πŸ˜€

  2. Do you know how to set up an email client, i mean like a round cube, so you can use your domain with an email address as well?

  3. Hello Kim, thank you this is very useful. I have a question for you, when I do that last step in WP Genera settings, when I type in the domain name instead of the IP address, WP locks me out wanting a user name and password, when I enter the one I used to install WP it will no longer work, I have tried this a few times on a clean WP install and it does the exact same thing every time. How do I change the URL in WP General settings without being permanently locked out of the website? thank you – Jason

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  5. Hi Kim! I followed your video. I already done setup LEMP and phpmyadmin and nginx ,Server Block, and also with the symbolic links. I also added already the IP Address and domain in server hosts /etc/hosts. But still "This site can’t be reached".

  6. Hi Kim, In hurry, i deployed server without installing the wordpress application. Can you help me install wordpress app in deployed server, please?

  7. hey kim is there anychance you could explain how to explain how to get the server working on putty as everytime i try to connect it with the ip and port and ssh it says timed out on and some fatal error im trying to make something and i have a server off vultr thanks to you video on that but when i go into the view consoles in it it brings to the home screen kinda i do that then the putty comes up and it does the same thing is there any chance you could help me fix it? thank you love your videos btw

  8. hey that server of Vultr Cloud i use to but the mail don't work at all so i move to digitalocean bast server ok just let you know

  9. Hi Kim, nice vid! a question, this way you are installing centOS not Ubuntu. Can I get to the files via ftp with the installation shown in this video? regards

  10. You are great, I was waiting for this type of tutorials for a long time. I have just subscribed your channel keep providing us such a useful stuffs.

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