How to Install WHM or cPanel and AWS EC2 Instance

How to Install WHM or cPanel and AWS EC2 Instance

cPanel is a Linux-based web hosting control panel. it provides a graphical interface and automation tools designed to simplify the process of hosting a web site. EC2 is virtual computers rented on Amazon Web Services (AWS). EC2 stands for Elastic Compute Cloud.

How to Install WHM or cPanel on AWS EC2 Instance.

Step #1 Create an Amazon Linux AMI EC2 instance
open port no TCP 2087 in EC2 Instance security group

Step #2 Change hostname
sudo nano /etc/sysconfig/network
and change HOSTNAME=localhost.localdomain to fully qualified domain name
ex. and reboot the instance
sudo reboot

Step #3 Install cPanel and WHM.
sudo yum update
sudo curl -o latest -L
sudo sh latest
The process take about 15 min.

Step #4 Change the root password
sudo passwd root
enter your new root password

Step #5 Complete the Initial Setup Wizard
Nagigate the url: and follow the instruction on GUI. also show in video.

Done !!!


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40 thoughts on “How to Install WHM or cPanel and AWS EC2 Instance

  1. I installed it without the domain and now I am trying to point 4 domains from resellerclub to EC2 WHM…. but NameServer that whm, aws and centos gave me it cannot work… it says that nameserver does not exist…. What should I do? Please.. Help me… Thanks. Btw nice video…

  2. i got this error message when try to install cd /home && curl -o latest -L && sh latest
    and the result like this 0Warning: Failed to create the file latest: Permission denied

  3. Great tutorial, but I couldn't send email in webmail, I just get it. Another thing I was unable to access FTP through filezila. Can you help me with these two questions? Thanks

  4. Please dont add annoying music in a tutorial video , where one is trying to concentrate to watch your video, these music are highly annoying.

  5. hi admin please look at my problem

    (ERROR): The installation process detected that the is not active (boot is probably not finished).

    (FATAL): The must be active be fore the installation can continue.

  6. I'm Facing Two Error: (DEBUG)
    1. The installation process detected that the is not active (boot is probably not finished).

    2. The must be active before the installation can continue.

  7. Hi, Everything worked fine, but when i create cpanel from whm, …cpanel doesnt open or load only, please help me to solve this

  8. so fast i dont understand where you got that putty key generator and not able to understand so many things

  9. to connect with database do i need to add rule "MySQL" in Security groups..!! i'm trying to migrate my old wordpress website backup to aws ec2! im trying to reach PhpMyAdmin to edit/update .sql tables!!

  10. 2018-08-13 15:06:18 531 (ERROR): cPanel, Inc. does not support Amazon Linux version 2 for new installations.
    2018-08-13 15:06:18 533 (ERROR): The system detected an unsupported distribution. cPanel & WHM only supports CentOS 6 and 7, Red Hat Enterprise Linux® 6 and 7, and CloudLinux™ 6 and 7.
    2018-08-13 15:06:18 534 (FATAL): Please reinstall cPanel & WHM from a valid distribution.
    Removing /root/installer.lock.

  11. 2018-05-30 11:48:45 1060 (FATAL): The installation process was unable to synchronize cPanel & WHM. Verify that your network can connect to and rerun the installer.

  12. can you please tell me the button you pressed to proceed from step three after inserting your domain thank you

  13. Thanks for the guide its awesome I have few questions

    1. provide me link where I have to buy the license
    2. After adding account in WHM when i am trying to access cpanel it is showing "This site can’t be reached"
    3. when I am accessing my IP it is showing not secure how to make it secure


  14. hello i have a problem
    2017-12-23 13:39:58 729 (DEBUG): – ssystem [BEGIN]: /usr/local/bin/ea_install_profile –install /etc/cpanel/ea4/profiles/cpanel/default.json

  15. You are going way to fast. Just clicking buttons left and right. When you make a tutorial its for your AUDIENCE to follow. Not for you to run away showcasing your skills. Lost interest half way through …

  16. Stuck here
    2017-12-23 13:39:58 729 (DEBUG): – ssystem [BEGIN]: /usr/local/bin/ea_install_profile –install /etc/cpanel/ea4/profiles/cpanel/default.json

  17. Can you please tell me how do I attach an additional IP address to the created instance so I can set it for the second nameserver? (thank you, btw! It all went smoothly 🙂

  18. It's an amazing guide. But if I want to point my domain or test any files I don't know how. Could you give any tutorial or suggestion to point my domain?

  19. Now this is the one video I have been looking for the past 3 days…

    Thank you!!! I had to stop some times to see what commands you were using but it's going exactly as you have shown. Thank you again!

  20. Nice Job, I've had found something like that a lot!!! thanks.
    Buen trabajo, He estado buscando algo asi un monton. Gracias.

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