47 thoughts on “How to install SSL in Godaddy Hosted Website

  1. Can I apply the same method for my basic wordpress manager hosting
    Coz I don't have c panel like yours.
    I want HTTPS activation for my site too

    Plz reply

  2. I had a doubt.
    Does this apply for all the sub-domains and internal links?
    Or do we have to manually link every single one of them?

  3. I have hosting of go daddy but the SSL is now more expensive than hosting of go daddy can I put something free SSL I can’t run without SSL pls guide Thankyou

  4. This doesn't work for the new "sslforfree" or "zerossl". They give you a zip file with 3 files which do not copy and paste into the correct fields. If you can put out a video for the new method you would probably get a ton of likes. I've been trying to install this for an hour now and I'm ripping out my hair. It says it works for Cpanel but it doesn't. I wish they didn't sell out, it use to be as easy as your video.

  5. awesome video.. my question is after following all processes my site is still unsecured, its saying it due to self signed root certificate

  6. I have created a website for my UK client who have a restaurant in the United Kingdom. When I generate a certificate, do I have to enter the state and city of the United Kingdom,where his restaurant is located ? or my current city where I live?

  7. i am not getting a download option and its already showing my domain name under the ssl certificate but still when i visit my site its showing not secure

  8. Bro how to add html tags(ex: google webmaster link, etc..) to godaddy ( website builder ) website in header?

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  10. Hai, just watched your video. Thanks for it !! can you tell me how can i bring SSL Certificate Security Seal in the footer of the WordPress site?

  11. One thing missing (If you are not working with WordPress):

    1. Do the same that in the video


    2.Scroll down to the bottom of the SSL Certificates page and click Return to SSL Manager.
    3.Under Install and Manage SSL for your site (HTTPS), click Manage SSL Sites.
    4.Scroll down to the Install an SSL Website and click Browse Certificates.
    5.Select the certificate that you want to activate and click Use Certificate. This will auto-fill the fields for the certificate.
    6.Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click Install Certificate.
    7.On the Successfully Installed pop up, click OK.

  12. Hi i m getting error after saving in wordspress that " certificate error detected " . Why this error coming

  13. yep this screwed my website, now I cant access wordpress. DONT CHANGE HTTP to HTTPS in wordpress!!

  14. its incomplete man… you also have to install the ssl certificate on the domain, otherwise it won't work… Its a very important piece of information that's omitted from your video…

  15. Thanks for sharing the video!!! Glad to find your video!!
    I tried every method to do it but failed everytime. Soon after seeing your video i got it done. Anyways i am looking for best & cheap linux hosting provider other than redserverhost.com. Can you suggest me some better options?

  16. THANKS!! FROM MEXICO 4:47 se instala el certificado ssl en esta seccion, el que se genera previamente en el tutorial pasado, no es necesario descargarlo solo se jala de la libreria donde se genero con nombre de GODADDY INC.

  17. how can i point these certifates using nginx more which type of files i need to generate and can u please explain those which will be used to host an application and also why the bundle.crt is used

  18. can you please help me in doing that if I share my go daddy credentials ?? can you provide your gmail id so that I can share my go daddy credentials?? I am a non technical person but I do have created a wordpress site, so can you help me out??

  19. I have been using Godaddy for last 10 years and I have a Deluxe hosting package with them but my cpanal is very different than what you have. I pay 15USD. what is your hosting package? . I can not use my cpanal to install SSL 😉

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