How to install PHP's dependency manager "Composer" on Siteground shared hosting.

How to install PHP's dependency manager "Composer" on Siteground shared hosting.

So… this is probably an odd video for this channel. But Marketing is so intrenched with tech, I am afraid that this is my inner-geek coming out.

I wanted to have a go at having a play with the Xero (accounting software) API and, in order to use the PHP software development kit (SDK), you need to use Composer. No way out.

An Explanation:
I am a big fan of object orientated semantic CSS, raw JavaScript and HTML – and, because I am ‘from a certain time’ (I am old), PHP is my backend code base. I love to use (wherever possible) the base elements on something. Why use a big framework and abstraction layers when you don’t need to. I don’t do big software projects myself any more and I don’t work in Dev Teams. So, these things aren’t really needed for me. I also avoid SASS and LESS (for CSS) and things like jQuery, Bootstrap etc (although I have used a lot) are probably redundant now that JavaScript is so cross browser compatible and we have things like CSS variables, Flex and CSS grid.

So, long story short, I have been avoiding Composer. And, I don’t have a WAMP install on my laptop these days. And I don’t have a dedicated server for hosting. So…. How can I install Composer on shared hosting? – in my case using Siteground as my shared host.

I fully appreciate that many shared hosting providers wont allow SSH access at all – so it’s a non-starter. And, there are different ways of doing things (like getting your SSH key).

So, what’s in this video?
This is me re-going back through the install process for my own peace of mind and re-remembering so I could have something to re-watch the next time I want to do something like this. Because I so this stuff so infrequently. It’s disjointed and not slickly put together. At all. It was meant to be “just for me” but I figured others may find it useful. So, make of it what you will. I just hope it helps a few people.

If it does help you, please give it a thumbs up. Thanks!

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