How to install Godaddy SSL for add-on domain in cpanel

How to install Godaddy SSL for add-on domain in cpanel

Quick video walkthrough of how to install a Godaddy SSL to an add-on domain in Cpanel. This should also work for other hosting companies that use cpanel as well.

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30 thoughts on “How to install Godaddy SSL for add-on domain in cpanel

  1. This video is a lifesaver. GoDaddy agent couldn't help me. They should know better. The guy suggested to me an expensive ssl certificate. Thank you so much for this video.

  2. I called Godaddy to help me do this because it was messing with all the other domain in my hosting and the guy was not able to help me. He said that there was a department that could help me for $150…… Thank you so much for helping me, I sucks that I have to come to youtube to get support but man you just save my computer lol

  3. Thank you so much! Go daddy won't help anyone unless you get your wallet out. Not the best host for small businesses that are on a budget.

  4. Thanks for addressing the question on how to install an SSL for an ADD-ON DOMAIN within GODaddy specifically, few others have done that.
    But …. unless I missed it, I didn't see you explain how you get the SSL certificate to appear under the My Products list in Godaddy to start with. 🙁
    Is this for users who have paid the exorbitant amount to GoDaddy for their SSL certificate? Or is there some other way to get a free SLL like Let's Encrypt installed using your method above?
    I've seen a few other videos on how to install Let's Encrypt in GoDaddy using ZeroSSL, but none of those videos address the issue of installing it under ADD_ON DOMAINS which use one common public_html folder. Any suggestions appreciated, thanks!

  5. Hey there. I tried this and I ran into 2 problems 1. It would redirect to HTTPS, but I figured out how to fix that and 2. I got a Domain Mismatch error. Any thoughts?

  6. Has Godaddy changed their rules? There is no setup button when I look for it. I have ssl on my one Domain Name through Cpanel and can't set up another one unless I pay.

  7. Great video. I have an addon domain, which I am spending more time on and wish to add SSL to it. But, I read in an article that it is very problematic to do and is not as effective as if the SSL was on the main domain. What's your take on this. I am wanting to purchase a PositiveSSL from Comodo. Again, great video.

  8. If you create a CSR within cPanel then you do not have to copy and paste the private key, it will be added automatically.

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