How to install free ssl on google cloud platform

How to install free ssl on google cloud platform

Install free ssl certificate for Bitnami WordPress on google cloud platform

Copy All commands used in this video here:

This is step by step guide to install free SSL certificate for WordPress website that runs on Google cloud platform and most importantly this is for bitnami WordPress .(bitnami version)

SSl certificate will improve your search ranking.

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32 thoughts on “How to install free ssl on google cloud platform

  1. Hello, I have issues as from minute 4:08 the command ctrl x does not work and I can not save the command. I am using a macbook. could you kindly help me please

  2. They said to fix it The following steps should be taken only if you installed Certbot by using the certbot-auto 696 script.

    We were recently contacted by an individual concerned about the security implications of the certbot-auto configuration suggested by our configuration generator at 359. Upon reviewing our documentation it was clear that due to the generic nature of it, the best practices regarding the file locations and permissions weren’t covered in it. The documentation has now been updated to address these issues and the change hopefully resulted in easier to follow instructions as well.

    To ensure that your certbot-auto deployment is secure, please follow the configuration checklist below.

    Make sure that the directory path containing certbot-auto (which includes every directory accessed in the absolute path to certbot-auto) doesn’t allow writing for low privileged users.

    This involves making sure that the directory path is owned by root and is not writable by other users.
    The installation path suggested in the revised documentation is
    Ensure that the certbot-auto executable is owned by the root user.

    The ownership change can be done by executing the command:
    sudo chown root /path/to/certbot-auto
    Make sure that the certbot-auto script itself doesn’t allow writing for low privileged users.

    The permissions suggested by the revised documentation are 0755, which allows reading and executing the file for all users, but limits write access to the file owner.
    The permissions change can be done by executing the command:
    sudo chmod 0755 /path/to/certbot-auto
    If you made any changes to the directory path of certbot-auto during the previous steps, adjust your cron job or systemd timer to address these changes.

    By following the checklist above, you can ensure that the certbot-auto executable cannot be changed by a low privileged user in between the scheduled renewal runs in the unfortunate case of said user account getting compromised. I don't know what this means. Help

  3. When i get to the name of my site it says I have /certbot-auto has insecure permissions! Help. I made this site months ago and have not been able to activate it.

  4. Sir , i followed the same process but it's not showing the SSL certificate symbol while opening my website , and on trying to install it again , it's showing that SSL certificate is already there. Please tell me what to do sir ?

  5. getting error .
    second comand –
    Challenge failed for domain

    Challenge failed for domain

    To fix these errors, please make sure that your domain name was

    entered correctly and the DNS A/AAAA record(s) for that domain

    contain(s) the right IP address.
    I have checked all Record(s) setting and every think you said Static IP and WordPress deployement all checked but Ssl not completed
    plz help any one

  6. Great Help dear but after doing everything Lock is showing yellow mark by saying " Part of this website such as images not secure" what can i do for that.

  7. This tutorial is so awesome and rock solid i never face problem used this for more then 10 times. Kudos to you. Dhanyawad

  8. Dear sir, thanks a lot for making this wonderfull vedio for us. I made my website in google cloud and also designed it. But still SSL certificate and sub domain WWW is not present there. May I run all the commands on SSH to get SSL certificate and www subdomain? ? Please guide me.

  9. Sir I had enter ssl certificate but it's coming error. what should do. Can follow the same again or I have to resetting previous install certificate kindly guide me. Thank you.

  10. I was following all the steps described by you and after one step you clicked enter 2-3 times which caused the difference between yours & mine codes. I'm not from technical field, so I closed that file without saving any code. When I opened it again, it was showing that a certificate has already been installed. I'm not able to run the codes. What should I do? Can you please help? I know it's difficult to reply to every comment but if you could.

  11. It worked! Messed up my entire website watching other video, and had to delete hosting, create another account and website again. But this time followed each of your video's command carefully and it worked smoothly. You are a life saver!! God bless!!

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