26 thoughts on “How to host your GoDaddy.COM domain on Hostgator 2016

  1. Hi Bobby thanks for your youtube tutorial !

    After change the nameservers from godaddy to hostgator, my email stop receiving mail. is there a tutorial to show us how to keep email at godaddy but web hosting at hostgator ?

  2. Thank you, very helpful, used to do this all the time but had totally forgotten what to do. All came flooding back. Cheers. Rx

  3. i've added the nameservers on godaddy and it's been three days and the website is still just a blank white page, on other browsers its a green page with the text "The domain * is no longer parked by Godaddy." What am i doing wrong it's been three friggin days wtf

  4. When I try transfer my domain I created today at Godaddy over to Hostgator I get this message,

    "In order for a domain be be transferred, ICANN regulations stipulate that the newly-registered domain must be at least 60 days old. Please re-initiate the transfer after the initial 60 days has passed."

    So do I actually have to wait 60 days?!?!?!?!

  5. Awesome explanation! Most youtube videos merely show you how to change the nameservers only. You took the time to thoroughly explain it. Great job – bravo!

  6. Thanks you for the video. But next time please don't put video of your self in shared screen, so that entire screen can be used for presentation, or just put video of yourself in top right corner as a small screen or so. thanks

  7. Thanks for the tutorial. I have a question: when I transfer my domain, will my website appear the same or will I lose all the content/images and have to start over? Thanks.

  8. Hi Bobby, my name is Mike.

    Every time I changed my nameservers to the custom setting and enter my hostgator nameservers, the change only lasts for a few days before it reverts back to godaddy's nameservers on its own or by somebody working for godaddy.

    It's as if somebody knows my login information, logs into my account and manually changes the nameservers back to godaddy's.

    I've contacted godaddy about this but the guy sounded like it was his first day on the job because he didn't really have an answer for me.

    Have you had this problem? If so, how did you fix it?

  9. thanks, i had last time so much problems with godaddy hosting account and i was hacked twice…. now i move to hostgator……

  10. I did this, but it says this domain is no longer parked with Godaddy! It happens when I click on the admin link of quick install

  11. I have a question, if I buy a domain from name cheap and want to create a sub domain do i create the sub domain on name cheap or host gator after i host the domain to hostgator ?

  12. Thanks keefe!! everything working but i have a question.. now when i go to my website or wp-admin its shows a blank page.. not even error msg why like that???

  13. Hey how are you? hey listen I have a question my domain im taking like 21,2 seconds to log in to my webpage, i was wondering if it is something related to the server name that hostgator provided me: the server name (1 &2) is n***.webhostbox.net so im thinking wth i do not hire webhostbox.net i hired hostgator, hope you can be a ligth in the dark for me , thank you.

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