How to host Wordpress website on Google Cloud in 8 Minutes

How to host WordPress website on Google Cloud in 8 Minutes

Beginners tutorial on how to host WordPress website on Google Cloud Platform from scratch. We will show you how to create VM instance, reserve static IP address, setup web server, create swap file and install stackdriver agent for resource monitoring. This setup also stays under GCP Free Tier quota.
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40 thoughts on “How to host WordPress website on Google Cloud in 8 Minutes

  1. Below are the stats of my website. The f1-micro instance can handle 100K visitors/month easily. That's incredible amount of traffic for free tier!

  2. Hello, thanks for your instruction, I like the way you explain things and the logic! applauses! it will be nice if you can make a video for installation of multi-site wordpress on gcp, pls do include the security SSH solutions, domain pointing, the minimum cost per month etc., … from the scratch, thanks so much in advance! I don't know how to code, like woman drivers sometimes don't know the direction, pls do kindly make every step very clear for fresh new bee… shy !

  3. Hi, Thanks for the tutorial.
    Does your website still on the same tier from this tutorial ?
    I used the tutorial for making my website but my site speed not even close to your speed.
    If you still on the minimalist tier how your website speed is so fast ?

  4. Very useful and clear to follow. I have gotten my website running in no time. That's awesome!

    Just a small share for my situation:

    1) I have registered my domain via Cloudflare with full SSL on. With A record pointing to the static IP that this tutorial taught; CNAME for www to
    2) I have not using Let's encrypt SSL function while first entering the SSH. (Because Cloudflare did it for me).
    3) I am using putty to logon my SSH (related instruction that you can easily find on GCP related resources)

  5. Can this method be used if we already have wordpress website created? And we want to migrate it to Google Cloud?

  6. Help! Does anyone know how to lookup (or setup) the nameservers to point to the new website from my registrar? or do I leave them as default – I'm using GoDaddy

  7. Is there any additional monthly charges that come with using the deployment solutions?

  8. WARNING FOR STACKDRIVER AGENT – IT IS NOT FREE: I really loved this tutorial and did everything on it. 3 months into my free trial account and I noticed most of my credits were gone. I only had 74usd left from the 300 USD. I had 5 vm's running on the f1 micro processor at 30GB.This was to be expected. But the real drainer for most of my credits in 3 months was the Stackdriver Agent. It cost me 110ish USD to run for all my VM's. Install at your own risk, especially if you go into the non-free tier. If you need to uninstall it (I hope this works) run this command on your machine:
    sudo apt-get purge stackdriver-agent

    I also removed the google monitor flags from 1 back to 0. If I need to do anything please share with everyone.

  9. Gr8, simple and straight forward. What's your opinion running the OpenLiteSpeed stack on docker and f1-micro, will that add any value?

  10. Hi Everyone if someone still need help on setup your website on Google Cloud whatsapp me +923079566566 I'll tell you very easy and command free method

  11. echo '/swapfile non swap sw 0 0' | sudo tee -a /etc/fstab/swapfile non swap sw 0 0
    tee: /etc/fstab/swapfile: Not a directory

  12. To help with RAM Usage, how did you shift+enter to write a new line of code without it executing?

    Every attempt at trying to go to the next line when typing in sudo fallocate 1 1G /swapfile ends up executing with an error saying fallocate: invalid option – '1'

  13. thank you so much for this ! super detailed and easy to digest. keep up the awesomeness ! subscribed. thanks again.

  14. thank you soooo much for the video. it was though to follow for the person like me (perfect beginner 🙂 but I watched it like more than 5 times and I finally made my own site!!! thank you sooo much I really really appriciate it! if there's anyway I can change my domain name please let me know !! I will watch it over and over 🙂

  15. Good ttutorial. What about static IP address, it's not gonna be free any more (since 1st January 2020), have you tried some workarounds how to manage it for free (any CNAME, etc.)?

  16. Hello, I followed your instructions. Great tutorial. I successfully have a great looking website. Thank you! Important question: How do you set up SSL and https with OpenLiteSpeed? Thank you

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