41 thoughts on “How to host a website on IIS 8 ( web server ) in VPS Server ( windows server 2012 )

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  2. Can I use a vps server from profitserver and domain name from godaddy ?? and points the godaddy domain name to profitserver vps server ??

  3. how to get the website content as you shown in the video, Demotst folder, can i place some html files insted of asp files

  4. Beautiful tutorial. I don't make ASP websites. I use basic HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP and SQLs. How would I set that up without adding all the extra features for ASP?

  5. help this problem This site can’t be reached
    www.test.com’s server IP address could not be found.
    Search Google for test

  6. Nice Tutorial… Thank you. But when I try to access website it displays that 'We've having trouble finding that site. (Can't connect to the server at "www.myWebsiteName.com")'… Please help me…!

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  8. I'm manage the DNS on next gen Server , but I'm getting error:
    This site can't be reached
    The webpage at www.abhuday.ind.in // might be temporarily down or it may have moved permanently to a new web address.
    Err_name_resolution_ failed

    Please tell me what is issue

  9. nice tutorial , but i have question how to install ssl certification after point domain to my vps and host my site on vps , thanks

  10. Hi, I was following along but then when i add the feature roles needed i got into error and it says i think i need to provide the path for the installation, but in your video yours completed successfully and i also have the same plan you recommended for Godaddy VPS, can you help, thanks

  11. You forgot one thing sir.
    Web platform installer: URL Rewrite install, but also PHP. Because without PHP installed u can't make a website including PHP.

  12. Hi Sachin,
    Can You please guide me to cofigure firewall in my server?
    I have hosted VPS server on Godday and I want open some port on my server IP but I don't have knowlege of that.

  13. Hi, just want to say great video but unfortunately, for some reason, I don't get the Web Server Roles bit in the tutorial. Do you know why I don't get this???

  14. Hi sachin I am trying to host my site on Windows VPS.. I bought it from Bigrock.com..
    i called bigrock ..and made all changes at their end .. But now i am not able to host it on my VPS please help me

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