18 thoughts on “How to Host a website in Google Drive with custom Domain – Updated!!!

  1. Websites are expensive but "shifroanimation" creates websites at really cheap prices. I only paid 312rs. if you want one dm them on insta- https://srikm0z0gfilcpsbthy1fw-on.drv.tw/www.shifroanimations.com/ShifroAnimation.html

  2. When i click share in google drive .. the options is different from your options ..
    So i can't choose public on web ..
    Please help me 😭

  3. Thanks for the tutorials, can you explain details on how to setup the domain in namecheap, do I need to pay?

  4. thank you for the video. Could you please explain me how to do this in dynadots.com as i couldn't find URL direct record on dynadots

  5. Hey man! thank you for making this video but where you get the domain in namecheap.
    I open the dashboard and i find nothing..

  6. Hey! your instructions worked – thank you!! I managed to get godaddy to point to my website on google drive in a matter of seconds! the only thing is that I type www.xyx.com – but my website, when it comes up, it only shows xyz.com. do you know if that can be fixed?

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