How to host a free website in AWS (Windows Server IIS) English

How to host a free website in AWS (Windows Server IIS) English

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46 thoughts on “How to host a free website in AWS (Windows Server IIS) English

  1. Great video.
    Where can I find a video explaining how to use database ( say MySQL or SQL server ) with a windows server?

  2. Do you have a video how to config SQL server in AWS and how to connect from SQL server manager from local PC? will be very helpful.

  3. Excellent ,This helped me in setting up webserver on windows for the web site..Yesterday I learned and set up web on ubuntu server and today I did the same for windows server using IIS…Many thanks to Sir for the simple and precise cloud learning tutorials.

  4. hello sir, I am not able to access the index page using my public or elastic ip. I got site can not be reached.

  5. how to install sql on it and whats the space limit in free tier and is it possible to create subdmoains in it

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