10 thoughts on “How-To: Foundry VTT – Set Up and Run from Amazon AWS – Part 2

  1. I just wanted to say thanks for taking the time for these two AWS videos. They were very helpful. I ended up installing mine on an AWS Lightsail server. The lowest tier at $3.50/mo. It works awesome for my small group and seems to be rock solid. It’s been up for over a week continuously. I never got the audio to work but the video was perfect. Though we now use an outside tool for this if for nothing more than to save a little real estate on the Foundry screen. Thanks again!

  2. I am having the exact same issue as the one @Pete Jones mentioned. Using your videos as a guide, I was able to install and launch FVTT. Everything worked great.

    Then I closed the PuTTY session window and it stopped working.

    I didn't issue any other commands before closing. I just x'd out. Now, trying to reach FVTT via browser will eventually bring it up after 15-30 minutes, but it never fully loads even after waiting for 3 hours. When I open a PuTTY session window again, I get errors if I try to run "node resources/app/main.js –dataPath=$HOME/foundrydata" and if I try to ctrl^c, nothing happens or changes. I have looked for answers, but am unable to find anything addressing this problem.

    The only thing I've been able to do to fix it is to restart the instance, then restart FVTT with "node resources/app/main.js –dataPath=$HOME/foundrydata" from within the foundryvtt dir of a PuTTY session window. As long as I keep the session window open, it works fine. As soon as I x out of it, I get the same problem again.

    I know it can't possibly be designed to require an open session window at all times in order to function correctly, so what am I doing wrong???

  3. Dude, these two videos made the seup soooooo easy on AWS. Thank you so much. I had already spent hours trying to self-educate, but you cut that down to minutes for me. You earned me as your 300th subscriber!

    Now, I have two questions…

    1. If I want to stop FVTT, do I stop the instance or is there some other/easier way?


    2. When I have need to restart/reboot FVTT, is there some other/easier way to do it than logging in via PuTTY and running…
    "node resources/app/main.js –dataPath=$HOME/foundrydata"?

    Oh, also, can certbot be used to set up SSL on the AWS instance so as to enable A/V capability? So, three questions.

  4. There's another way to download.
    When you go to your Foundry account, in the website, where your license is, there will be options of download there. You then click on the chain icon, at the side of the linux one (if you're using amazon linux) and it will be copied a link to download the zip file.
    You then put it at the wget -0 foundryvtt.zip part, in between quotation marks. I was recieving the 403 error because I pasted the link without the quot marks. After that, you guys should be able to unzip it normally.

    The WinSCP saved my skin btw. Thanks for the vid.

  5. Got it all created using the two videos. However, if I leave the server and come back later it takes ten to twenty minutes to load Foundry remote server. The only solution I have found is to continually re-boot the instance, then restart the node server via PuTTy and then all works fine until I log out and return later, where i have to go through it all again.

  6. Thanks very much for these two videos on installing Foundry on Amazon it worked a treat. One quick question if I want to close down foundry server after the game has finished (not leave it running) , do I just stop the instance or is there a command in putty to stop the server?

  7. This was absolutely perfect. It totally answered and fixed my question. Thanks so much for the super quick response. And happy 4th!

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