How To Fix Slow WordPress Site On Godaddy

How To Fix Slow WordPress Site On Godaddy

Slow WordPress site on Godaddy hosting? This tutorial helps you speed it up. If after implementing my recommendations your WordPress site is still slow, I would migrate from Godaddy to a faster host like SiteGround:

Step 1: Delete Or Replace Slow Plugins (1:55)
-Delete all plugins you don’t use
-Run P3 (Plugin Performance Profiler) to diagnose slow plugins and consider replacing them with lightweight plugins
-Common slow plugins are Jetpack, Google Map, Revolution Slider, live chat, events, and plugins with heavy functionality. Do your research and find which ones are lightweight and ALWAYS test your GTmetrix score after you’ve added a plugin to see the impact on your load time
-You can always reinstall plugins if you only use them at certain times

Step 2: Optimize Images (4:48)
-serve scaled images (crop/resize them to fit image containers)
-optimize images (losslessly compress using Imagify Plugin)
-specify image dimensions (specify a width/height in the image’s HTML or CSS)
*Start by optimizing images that appear on multiple pages (logo, sidebar and footer images), then optimize images on your most important pages. Check GTmetrix to see which images need to be optimized and their recommended width/height

Steps 3-5: Configure WP Fastest Cache or W3 Total Cache Plugin (9:20)
-W3 Total Cache Tutorial (Includes CloudFlare + MaxCDN):
-W3 Fastest Cache Tutorial (Includes CloudFlare + MaxCDN):
MaxCDN (Now StackPath):

Step 6: Clean Up Database With WP-Optimize (18:19)
-Download and run the plugin with the default settings (deletes junk files)

Step 7: Defer Parsing Of JavaScript (19:02):
Instructions here:

Step 8: Add Expires Headers (20:08)
Instructions here:

Step 9: Update WordPress Core, Theme, Plugins (20:30)

Step 10: More WordPress Speed Tips (21:00)
-Minimize redirects
-Enable WordPress heartbeat control
-Avoid Google Maps
-Lazy load pages/videos
-Avoid using too many photos/videos on 1 page
Full speed optimization guide:

Step 11: Migrate To SiteGround (Affiliate Link – Thank You!)
Godaddy is a popular host, but they’re definitely not the fastest. Do your research and you’ll see SiteGround has great reviews and will make your WordPress site much faster compared to Godaddy. Sign up here:

I recommend SiteGround’s GrowBig or GoGeek plan since they include more server resources which make your site faster). Here’s a comparison of their shared hosting plans:

Hire my speed optimizer: and search for user bdkamol

Comment if you have any questions!

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