44 thoughts on “How to create a custom email on google cloud & Use it with Gmail

  1. Hey man! I am using Cloudflare CDN and therefore unable to verify my domain with zoho. How do I do so now?

  2. I rarely post a comment on you tube but a big thanks , you have been great help on setting up the mail.

  3. Hi Rana, your this Video is very helpful but I faced a problem that we can't receive emails on Gmail through free account on ZOHO because they do give facility of mail forwarding on free account. So can you please make any video on how to setup email through Improvmx on google cloud platform

  4. Thank You So Much Rana. Only one thing is to be updated that those who are using two-factor authentication in Zoho, They can't use zoho passowrd in the Gmail set up section to use the custom email from Gmail. All the Way, You are Great! One day I will definitely invite you as Google Cloud Platform Expert in my School.

  5. Do you know how to setup a SMTP/POP3 Web mail on the Google Cloud? It will be an awesome idea for a future vlog.

  6. why the hell does google make this so difficult ? why cant they just do this themselves, what is with the big work around ? zoho is definitely perving on emails being the middle-man, for sure.

  7. For some reason my Zoho mail that feeds from the host will no longer accept credentials when trying to set it up as an account in Gmail.

    My username and proof are both correct?

  8. Question: What if my domain is not with Google but another hosting account, but i'm using the hosting from Google but want the email to direct to my gmail account? I only got through 2 steps on Zoho and that was using the DNS Zone editor on my domain hosting, but the spf doesn't work on either where my domain is hosted or on google console.

  9. I have created account on Zolo and added entry in cloud dns for txt and selected 60 seconds and after waiting 60 seconds when I am trying to click on verify by txt it is failing. Any suggestion how to fix this.

  10. You are awesome buddy…. Great explanation.. Details are very good.. people with zero technical knowledge can simply follow your video and get desired results.
    RIP for those few people who disliked this video.

  11. Hi Rana! Wonderful tutorial! I followed your instructions and everything seems to be fine in terms of confirmation. The only problem I have is while I might be able to send an email as the "custom email", I'm not able to receive the mails in gmail. Hope you see this!

  12. Great Video, except one part. Between like 8:00 and 8:15 i think. You need to specify pasting the ._domain in the text box, and you didn't. I tried to verify but had to go back and really look on your screen.

  13. Hello everyone, i have a domain from google domains, and working wordpress on google cloud. Now, i want to setup a mail adress and mail hosting. Which procedure do i have to follow? I know there is gsuite option. But i dont want to pay 5$ every month. Thank you for answers

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