How to change localhost to custom domain name

How to change localhost to custom domain name

Learn how to change localhost to a desired custom domain name so that you can access your web development projects via instead of just typing localhost/projectfolder in your web browser.

35 thoughts on “How to change localhost to custom domain name

  1. is there a tutorial for MAMP on mac? im trying to enable the rewrite module to run buddypress properly on my localhost

  2. This also works if your using Linux, just go to 'File System/etc/' and the 'hosts' file is in there so you can edit it the same way as in the video above.

  3. Hello. Thanks for the tutorial. I have a question.

    What if I am putting my friend's computer IP address in my browser to access the index file? His computer is on the same network. Is there any way to have a custom domain re direct to his ip address?

  4. How to do this in a router level? Because this method only work for your local machine but not other computer in a lan. In order for this to work in all my computer in a lan i need to set them all up in each pc

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