How to become Cloud Engineer (best tips from the multi cloud architect)

How to become Cloud Engineer (best tips from the multi cloud architect)

Cloud Engineer’s are one of the highest paid tech jobs in the market today. That is because most of the companies want to exit out of their data centers and go to cloud for monetary and other benefits.

So today I am going tell you how I became a multi cloud architect from my previous role and I will share you the best and fastest way to learn cloud!

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41 thoughts on “How to become Cloud Engineer (best tips from the multi cloud architect)

  1. Sir, Im from non IT background and want to start career in cloud computing. Please guide . Do aws certification in cloud practitioner would help in getting job earliest? Should I prepare for it?

  2. Sir I have experience in manual testing but I want switch in QA cloud engineer can you suggest from where to start and tips how much time it will take to achieve because I am fresher just started the job in manual

  3. Hi bro, I'm in first year B-Tech (chemical engineering ) from tier 1 college , I decided to learn azure. Can you please provide me a path to become an azure cloud engineer?

  4. How to Become a Cloud Engineer in 2021 | Skills Required for a Cloud Engineer

  5. Bro, I'm a Finance guy – Financial, planning and analysis role; would you advise if I could get down to cloud computing? Is it very tricky and complicated?

  6. Hi.. really loved your video.. csn u please explain about the jenkins pipeline more that you mentioned in yhe video.. i too had build the whole wordpress application in aws and was confused what to do next.. i understand you mean to automate.. but can u explain the flow you achieved or what are the components and how things worked.. so that i can try it out too.. please reply🙏

  7. Hello Sir , I want to what's the basic fundamentals i want to clear before diving into cloud Engineering/development.

  8. Thank u for making this wonderful video. I am planning to start with Google Associate Cloud Engineer since my company use GCP. Please post more videos.

  9. I'm a mainframe developer with 8 yrs exp…I completed AWS SAA cert..but it's not fetching me job… should I do devops also..need insights pls

  10. Like code labs for gcp(link in description),is there any thing like it for aws also? Pls help it would be great for us

  11. Awesome video… I’m a fresher and have very little coding knowledge

    I saw your other video about wether coding is needed for cloud but still tensed if I can prove myself if I’m not good at coding!!!

    Thank you please do reply

  12. how much programming is needed in Devop roles? everyone is promoting cloud but no one is talking about the programming bottleneck everyone hits after getting into the cloud. 100daysofcloud website has lots of certain task creation challanges.

  13. Great video, but i want to know how much coding or should i say programming knowledge is required for a solutions architect job

  14. Hi guys hope everyone is well.Can anyone please tell me how to start in the field .I have no experience .Any help please would be greatly appreciated.Thanks

  15. hlo sir i am in third year engineering student .can you plzz suggest me for the cloud computing path.from where i have to start

  16. I am from India and I tried to start the free tier in gcp console but the debit card verification is showing there a solution

  17. Hello, thanks for your video! I'm into GCP. You give awesome tips. How do I get a free GCP console access?

  18. Hi bro thanks for the video….i recently started learning AWS through Udemy because my company is providing me free access of it.
    I would like to connect with you on LinkedIn….again thanks 🙂

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