11 thoughts on “How To Add Another Website to Your HostGator Baby Plan

  1. hi, i have a question, why you register your new domain as newdomainforthevideo.com and then change the name of the servers name in narayguy.com? isnt suppose to be for newdomainforthevideo.com?

  2. LIFESAVER!!! I wish I had found this video hours ago!! I'm already on my way to check out the rest of your videos

  3. I m confused. I am under the baby plan and you're not supposed to pay for the new domain name but just be charged for hosting. I thought you have to go into your account under addons & add the domain which is free to do.

  4. Exactly what i was looking for! Perfectly explained. i just dont have words to express my gratitude towards you my dude. Thank you so much buddy. Much love and positive vibes your way!

  5. Great video! Thank you for sharing! I kept trying this over and over! It all finally worked out when I changed the nameservers on my domain hosted on Godaddy. Such a simple amazing tip! 😉

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