How one can Repair ‘This Site Can’t Be Reached’ Google Chrome Error?

New day – new chrome error. This time we’ll deal with quite common Google Chrome error which is saying ‘This site can’t be reached’.

This Site Can't be Reached Error Fix

In most cases, when trying to visit a website and an error message comes up instead, we would close the browser then try again.

If you are using Google Chrome, you might encounter a ‘This site can’t be reached’ error if a web site is down or taking too lengthy to load, or if there is a matter with the web connection.

As an alternative of attempting once more later or attempting with one other browser, we’re going to look at why you could be getting this error code and take a look at some methods to unravel it, whether or not you’re on a Home windows PC or utilizing iOS or Android.

What ‘This Site Can’t be Reached’ Error Means?

This error message means you can’t entry the web site you are attempting to get to.

This Site Can't be Reached Error

If you are sure you spelled the web address correctly, there might be a problem with your domain name system (or DNS) server.

When and Why Does it Occur?

A DNS lookup failure is the most common cause of a ‘this site can’t be reached’ error message.

The DNS community goes via a web site’s area identify to entry it. That is the URL you’re inputting into the browser or the hyperlink you’re clicking on to get there.

Whenever you press Enter after coming into the web site tackle, the browser tries to entry the web site utilizing its IP tackle. The DNS community system interprets the area identify into the IP tackle.

If the DNS tackle is misconfigured or the Home windows DNS shopper doesn’t work correctly, a DNS lookup failure can occur.

That is the most typical for the error, though any one in all these may additionally trigger it:

  1. Corrupt cookies or old-fashioned settings in Google Chrome.
  2. The wi-fi community connection wants a restore.
  3. Outdated wi-fi adapters.
  4. An antivirus blocking the web site in query.
  5. Invalid DNS cache.

7 Methods To Repair ‘This Site Can’t be Reached’ Error

Though a lot of the methods to repair the ‘this site can’t be reached’ error are for Home windows PC customers, you could be experiencing the identical downside on an iOS or Android gadget.

In that case, see the fixes on the finish of this listing for assist with these.

FIX #1: Clear the Browser Cache

Probably the most easy methods to repair the ‘this site can’t be reached’ error is to filter Google Chrome’s browser cache.

It’ll decide whether or not the difficulty is going on due to corrupted cookie recordsdata. Often the browser will serve cached error pages.

Clearing your browser’s historical past can clear up this downside.

  • Open Google Chrome and click on the three dots within the prime correct nook.
  • Than click on on “More Tools” and “Clear the browsing data“.
This Site Can't be Reached Fix - Clear Cache

Another way to do this is to open the browser and:

  1. Press “CTRL + SHIFT and DEL” collectively.
  2. On the Settings window, select ‘All Time’ from the drop-down menu.
  3. Filter your searching historical past, cookies and cached pictures, check-marking them if not already chosen.

Now attempt to reload the webpage that gave you the error earlier than.

Observe: you need to use this resolution to repair “ERR_CACHE_MISS” error additionally.

FIX #2: Reset Your Chrome Browser Settings

If the primary repair doesn’t work then attempt to reset Google Chrome. Resetting it’ll remove errors stemming from browser extensions or browser settings.

  1. Open Chrome Settings menu and click on on “Advanced“.
  2. Click on “Reset and Clean Up” and select the choice to “Restore your settings to defaults” and reset them.
This Site Can't be Reached Fix - Restore Chrome Settings

Now try to reload the webpage again.

FIX #3 Restart the DNS Client

If you still can’t load the webpage, attempt to restart the DNS shopper as a substitute.

  • Press “Start + R” on the keyboard (or kind “Run” within the search bar).
  • Sort in providers.msc, assess the listing and find the “DNS client“.
  • Right-click on it, then press “Restart” and reopen Chrome.

See whether or not the issue has been solved.

FIX #4: Change the DNS Servers

Altering up the DNS servers you utilize to get on the web can generally clear up the ‘this site can’t be reached’ error.

Use one other DNS tackle each time your web connection appears to be slowing down.

That is easy methods to change the DNS servers:

  1. open “Network and sharing center and click the button which opens your current internet network’s properties.
  2. Locate the “TCP/IPv4” properties.
  3. Set your DNS server to “Open DNS” or “Google’s DNS“.
    • The primary server for Open DNS is and the secondary one is
    • The primary server for Google is and the secondary one is
  4. Press “OK” and assess to see whether or not the error is resolved.

FIX #5: Flush the DNS Cache

You will get a ‘this site can’t be reached’ error when there’s an invalid DNS cache.

This step may even assist you to repair “ERR_NETWORK_CHANGED” error in case you are dealing with it.

On this case, it’s worthwhile to flush the previous DNS cache after which replace it to the suitable IP tackle.

  1. Sort cmd within the search bar to launch the command immediate and right-click it to run it “As an administrator“.
  2. Enter this: ipconfig /flushdns
  3. You will notice a ‘Flushed the DNS resolver cache’ message on the display screen after the command has run efficiently.
  4. Restart the PC and assess whether or not you continue to get the error message.

FIX #6: Reset the TCP/IP Tackle

If the opposite options haven’t labored, it’s time to reset the TCP or IP tackle.

  • Open Command immediate and kind in:
ipconfig /launch
ipconfig /all
ipconfig /flushdns
ipconfig /renew
netsh int ip set dns
netsh winsock reset

Restart the PC and assess if it labored.

FIX #7: Run Home windows Community Troubleshooter

Our remaining suggestion is to run the community troubleshooter included with Home windows to find and try repairs in your wi-fi community connection.

  1. Sort Run within the PC’s begin menu search bar to open the run program module.
  2. Sort “ncpa.cpl” in this system to open the community connections field.
  3. Now find your Wi-Fi from the listing, right-click it and click on on “Diagnose” (let the community troubleshooter run).
  4. If it comes up with ‘DHCP is not enabled for wireless network connection’ it’s worthwhile to repair this as an administrator.
    • Click on “Try these repairs as an administrator“.
  5. Restart the PC to see whether the problem has been solved.

There are still other things to try if none of those fixes worked.

Other possibilities include reinstalling network drivers, restarting the router, reinstalling Chrome, and updating wireless adapter drivers.

How To Fix ‘This Site Can’t be Reached’ Error on iOS and Android?

If you are using a Mac OS you can try to change the TCP/IP4 or the DNS.

To change these, look in your system preferences, network and then advanced Wi-Fi settings).

On an Android operating system, clear your browser and app data.

To clear the history, it’s the same process as on a PC. To clear the app data, go to “Settings” then click on on “Apps“, then click on “Chrome” and filter the info in addition to the cache.


I hope one in all following options above will assist you to repair ‘This Site Can’t Be Reached’ browser error. If not, be at liberty to assess video information beneath.

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