How Microsoft beat Amazon to build the US Military's cloud

How Microsoft beat Amazon to build the US Military's cloud

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The US government has announced that it is making a massive investment into embracing the cloud. What followed next was a fierce corporate dogfight. – The Story Behind series, ep. 61



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43 thoughts on “How Microsoft beat Amazon to build the US Military's cloud

  1. Hi and congrats on your work!! Happy New year!
    I took the offer to subscribe to Curiosity + Nebula. Yet, when I try to log in to Nebula, it never sends me an email to get/reset my password.
    Most probably some bug. I would appreciate it if someone could look into this.

    Keep up the excellent work!!

  2. Note that other members of the five eyes intelligence alliance use Microsoft for cloud storage… Microsoft is thus the smarter choice

  3. Google refuses to build AI that is injuring people, you gotta be kidding, they are collaborating with the largest anti-humanity organization existing at this moment, the PLA.

  4. Karma pays back to Bezos .. funny thing on the right suggestions I have from this own channel "Amazon's playbook for crushing startups: Amazon creates hundreds of products a year. With many of them, they follow a specific playbook that allows them to crush their competitors incredibly effectively. – The Story Behind series, ep. 58"

  5. Great report as usual. Were you aware that this means all that sensitive data will be hosted off-shore?

    I think this has a lot to do with Trump's relationship with Jared Kushner.

    Go and have a look at this guy's channel.

  6. Lol I like how google claimed, yea we dont wanna make AI that hurts people AFTER they fought to get the contract.

  7. Can't u make nebula as a free to use or ads based app like YouTube …coz mostly such stuff will be seen by students and v wouldn't be able to afford any of them 😒 if u provide ads at least u will earn money from them .👍besides u r making videos and ur spending the time 😐so…making it ads based will be more logical 🙄 3$ per month in India for a student can't be possible

  8. The Washington Post is turning out to be Bezos's bane. He was completely ignored by the government on a very popularized visit to India. The unofficial reason was widely speculated to be due to The Washington Post writing highly critical posts about the current government.

  9. Google wanted to mine data of US defence services… denied..thats where things went out of their principles..

  10. I wonder how many "unnamed sources" were involved in the claims of what Trump supposedly influenced, these days its just a way of making up a story.

  11. 03:55 There is cloud foundry. Programmers can deploy their apps (assemblies) to cloud foundry and from there to aws, azure etc. So cloud foundrry compatible assemblies can be migrated easily from aws to azure and back. So its no "stuck with 1 cloud provider" thing.

  12. Sick, company controlled intelligence defense. Seems like there is no distinction between corporations and government at this point.

  13. Love to support Nebula but I usually watch these on my LG Smart TV and Nebula doesn’t have an app for it. In the age of smart everything, a video platform needs a smart tv app to succeed

  14. As much as it may be unfair to Amazon, I'm glad this contract will stop them from having a monopoly on cloud computing solutions. Microsoft tech will catch up and overall it'll be an even playing field.

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