12 thoughts on “How I Setup Django For Production

  1. Thank you so much for the video, all your tutorials are good. Right now I want to keep my project as basic as possible, so I'm not using nginx for the moment… can I still copy the conf file you used in /etc/apache2/sites-availble? Of course replacing the paths, but the same format?
    When I do this, and run service apache2 restart, nothing happens and my domain still returns the default Apache2 page.

  2. I got a problem, I set nginx and settings.py to my static files but it doesn't load, it says Not Found /path/to/static <— it will show Not Found Path to where the actual CSS is at

  3. Maybe your face video should be somewhat smaller when showing code/config files.

    Curious about stealticket.com 🙂

  4. I use digitalocean.com and name.com, but why you keep using FTP if there is Git? and something else, are going to make a video with a deep explanation of the proccess to make this happend? have you ever used Gunicorn?

  5. Cool. I've been thinking about making a hidden service similar to YouTube, but haven't done that yet. One day it'll happen lol

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