Hosting Your Own Website for Free without a Server

Hosting Your Own Website for Free without a Server

Hosting Your Own Website for Free without a Server
You don’t need a VPS or Webhost that costs a lot of money. You can do it through GitHub and Netlify with your OWN Domain for Free! Timestamps:
00:00 Introduction
02:23 Netlify Pricing
03:27 Creating New Site with GitHub
06:07 Creating a New Post
07:30 Doing the Publish through Git
08:43 Webpage Speed and Optimization
11:11 Editing Hugo with VS Code
12:26 Conclusion

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46 thoughts on “Hosting Your Own Website for Free without a Server

  1. But Netlify can become very expensive. Taxing $20 for 100GB/ month ? I think I would choose a hosting service like Hostgator instead.

  2. If the website is hosted on Github, or Gitlab. What are the benefits of using Netlify? I haven't used Netlify before, so I really want to know the answer to this question. Also, I have another question that I can't find a good answer for. What are the alternatives for Disqus if I want to have comment section on my static website?

  3. Could you do a video of how to convert the WordPress site we created (using your video about Google cloud vm hosting) to a static website like what you’re showing? VERY interested.

  4. DynDNS and FreeDNS allow you to get a free domain name, you only need to put up with one of the stock suffixes, like "" or "" but can prefix them with whatever you like if it's not registered already.

  5. Why not just use Github Pages? I guess maybe it doesn't work with Hugo but it works great with Jekyll and plain HTML sites, which is probably enough for most people.

  6. lol… people lie to their face and people buy it!

    if I dont need a server why am I paying netlifly?

  7. VPS / Containerised Servers still have their place though. Like what if you need a backend database and PHP for example?

  8. This is great Chris. But if I may, would you make a separate video for windows user? Perhaps I'm missing something here or I am still confused with the whole Linux terminal thing, but I'd always love to learn new things. Cheers! – Colin

  9. Hi, I just recently created a website using the free web builder Mobirise and while the website opens great in Tor browser or fire fox, it only partially loads content on microsoft edge and chrome? I have even messed around with the metatag for compatibility and not sure what to do from now. Any ideas?

  10. you jump around to quickly without connecting the dots , you need to explain what you are doing and you need to explain HOW YOU ARE Doing it 90 per I could not keep up with what you were doing and I could not keep up with how you were doing it

  11. no comprende. If it's "serverless" where do the website pics and the html/css code reside? Github? But that's silly talk. It's not really "serverless" now is it.

  12. I've never done anything with websites or hosting. I want my friends to be able to type in a URL into Minecraft once instead of having to ask for my IP whenever that changes.

  13. Hey, I'm a total noob to Linux, web design, and computers in general.
    I heard about ipfs and started researching, and I'd say after a few months down the rabbit hole, I understand about 0.001%. So it's good I'm making progress.
    However, if I have any idea what I'm talking about, would it be possible to use an ipns instead of buying a domain name? And then host the ipfs on one of the free hosting sites?
    Again, sorry I'm taking up your time with stupid questions, just thought I'd ask and learn a little more..

  14. I believe server-less is the future but instead of hugo I would rather go with Vue/Nuxt framework and build it on SSR to be static. That would be much more futuristic to me. Firebase hosting is also free. But I think I will dig on this Netlify. My website is currently on Firebase, Netlify could be better.

  15. Which one is better MX linux vs Mint Linux vs Manjaro ?(all with lattest release)
    I need for regular use and gaming like csgo, dota 2, and some programing

  16. I use several email addresses and many forwarding addresses. So I host a website that has basically nothing on it just to have the email capability. Do you have a cheap solution for that?

  17. You should use VSCodium instead of VS Code. It's functionally identical, but the tiny closed-source Microsoft telemetry code is stripped away. 🙂

  18. Peppermint os 11 vs Lubuntu 20.04 LTS which is good thsn other to my laptop specs
    CPU Intel Celeron N3060 1.6ghz
    Ram 4gb ddr 3
    HDD 500
    I need a smooth Linux OS
    For my laptop
    And which good for this laptop
    Apache Open Office Or Libre Office

  19. Two questions. Can do this with a .ca domain? Do they off discounts for non-profit/charity organizations?

  20. Hey Chris, I tried using themes such as ananake, hero etc. I copied their example site to main folder and changed necessary settings. Websites work fine while running hugo server, however when I build the site using just hugo, website doesn't work properly. I couldn't find out what's the problem 😥 while In some cases for example using hero theme, netlify produced build as expected. Could you please help me with it?

  21. There are free .tk domains on freenom, check it out, and being not the used you can get almos any custom name

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