Hosting a Django Website with Digital Ocean

Hosting a Django Website with Digital Ocean

Free website building course with Django & Python:

Digital Ocean Hosting Playlist:

Digital Ocean sign-up (hosting):
Namecheap sign-up (get a domain name):

In this guide, I will take you through how to install and configure some components on Ubuntu 18.04 to support and serve Django applications.

We will be setting up an SQLite database. We will configure the Gunicorn application server to interface with our applications. We will then set up Nginx to reverse proxy to Gunicorn, giving us access to its security and performance features to serve our apps.

Why Use Digital Ocean? (0:00 – 6:18)
Server Fees and Other Costs (6:19 – 8:00)
Software Requirements (8:01 – 9:22)
Digital Ocean Setup (9:23 – 15:04)
SSH into Server for the First Time (15:04 – 17:39)
Secure Your Server with SSH Private Key Auth (17:39 – 28:26)
Firewall Setup (28:26 – 29:28)
Install Python3.7 on Ubuntu and Setting Default Version (29:28 – 32:41)
Installing pip (32:41 – 33:15)
Creating a Django Project and Testing Gunicorn (33:15 – 47:03)
Socket and Service Files for Gunicorn (47:03 – 58:39)
Configure Nginx to Proxy Pass to Gunicorn (58:39 – 1:03:00 )
Visit Website via IP address and Next Steps (1:03:00 – end)

Domain Registration and Setup Guide:
HTTPS and a Certbot:
Digital Ocean Spaces S3 (AWS Static Files Hosting):


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