9 thoughts on “Host your static website for FREE (almost) using Google Cloud Storage

  1. I am going to create my own resume and host it using GCS soon!! Can't wait to see your resumes, please do comment and share yours!!

  2. why my website is opening when im using "www" with my website and not by putting my website "pixnvid.xyz".. please help

  3. great content GK. thanks! had a question – so do the CNAME entries in google domains stay as well, after we add a CNAME in Cloudflare for test.cloudadvocate.net pointing to c.storage.googleapis.com? or do we delete the entries from google domains?

  4. GK, I followed your steps and added CNAME in godaddy but when I'm trying to access website I'm getting below error. Do you have any input?


    <Message>The specified key does not exist.</Message>


  5. Hi GK… Thanks for wonderfull videos on cloud.. Really liked your videos… I have one quick question… I am from BPM(Business Process Management tools) background… Which cloud is good to start with? I am planning to take up Azure and do certifications… Please suggest…. Thanks in Advance.

  6. Sir my ques is that do i have to cram all the theoretical part for devops or cloud or sol archtct exams do i?? Or is there any differ approach to it?

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