Host Foundry in the Cloud EASILY with the Forge

Host Foundry in the Cloud EASILY with the Forge

There’s a lot of benefits to hosting your game in the cloud. It alleviates issues with low bandwidth when the person hosting the game doesn’t have to upload scenes, music, tokens, and tiles to everyone in the game. On top of that there’s no fussing with port forwarding, antivirus issues, and all the other things that make self-hosting a pain. But hosting is hard especially if you’ve never done it before. If that’s you then a Foundry host is the answer and the Forge is a good pick.

You can check out the Forge at I am not a part of the Forge, I am not paid by them, and I paid for my own account there for this testing. The Forge’s Discord server is available here (and also covers Kakaroto’s other modules):

00:00:00 – Why host in the cloud
00:00:30 – Hosting options
00:01:02 – Not a shill alert
00:01:18 – Who makes the Forge?
00:01:35 – Important details
00:03:13 – Plan features/details
00:03:58 – How much storage do you need?
00:05:56 – Buying extra storage
00:06:15 – Upcoming features
00:07:34 – Sign up and initial set up
00:08:50 – Setting up your game
00:09:51 – Useful game tools
00:10:22 – Importing our local worlds
00:11:39 – The asset library
00:13:13 – What’s next

38 thoughts on “Host Foundry in the Cloud EASILY with the Forge

  1. Late to the party I know, but what is the inherent benefit of hosting through forge over self hosting? Is the use case for people with very remote groups/large groups or are there features in foundry that work better on a hosted server instance?

  2. Hi thanks very much for your video, this explained everything so nicely!

    I think Foundry/Forge is such a nice product but it's so newbie-unfriendly. Imagine someone who doesn't know a lot about code/OS jargon trying to figure out 'type %localappdata%' on their own…

    I have questions still if that's okay – if I update my world (scenes, tokens, etc) within my browser using Forge, does that update the version on Foundry on my desktop? And conversely, if I make the changes between games using my desktop app, does it update the version I uploaded to Forge? If not, can I update the changes by uploading/downloading without deleting and replacing the entire world?

  3. I connected directly to test some things out with a player. He found it pretty laggy. Would Forge help with this? I'm not sure It's my upload speed as I have fiber optic and a good speed.

  4. Your videos have been very helpful in getting me set-up and running.
    Now I am running my own game (Curse of Strahd) and started figuring out some tricks and posting some videos on what I have learned. I am using Forge – thanks for the intro.

  5. To run a game with Forge do I need to DM using the browser? Or can I keep using the Foundry software?

    I DM my own worlds and adventures. All homebrew. So I am always adding and creating things on the fly. Actors, tokens (with tokenizer and images I pull from my computer or the internet), scenes, etc… And as a "noob" in these server things, I am worried I won't be able to upload/create things on the fly as much as I would like to.
    Hosting on the cloud would demand that I prep a LOT more and have everything uploaded to my cloud server on Forge before the game sessions?

    As always… THANKS A LOT for your videos. there aren't a lot of tutorials on this subject and you are a lifesaver, man!
    I am recommending your channel to every DM I know! 🙂

  6. I'd be totally lost without this channel. Foundry is great, but there's a lot of assumptions made about the technical abilities of its users. I want to be able to pick up a system and run with it, not wrestle it to the ground first. Thankfully, I can tag guys like you to do the wrestling for me. 🙂

  7. Been trying out Foundryserver and it seems pretty good but I can't fully get a handle yet on transferring my Self Hosted game to it.
    Going to look at the Forge Today but would still appreciate a foundryserver video 🙂

  8. Really helpful, thanks for all your info and efforts. I'm about to buy in, it looks like I can just do this directly from Forge so that's what I'll do.

    You mentioned doing a video on improving video/audio function, is that only for locally hosted or does it improve if hosted on Forge too? If so, I'd be interested in that.

  9. I'd love to see a video on how to self-host a game without using the cloud 🙂 thanks for the great content!

  10. A video on self hosting a game would be awesome! The information that is out there at the moment is not really easy to follow, at least for myself

  11. Any lifetime options? I understand it’s a cheap monthly rate but as a College student I’m just trying to limit as much subscriptions I have during grad school. Just unsure how many sessions per month I’m going to be able to prepare.

  12. Another vote for seeing your process of cloud hosting, here. I got set up on Amazon EC2 by following a tutorial somewhere and it is OK, but if I were to do it again I’d go with something like Digital Ocean. I don’t love futzing with AWS in general, and couldn’t get the server to be persistent, so I have to ssh in to start the node server every time…I generally think I could have done the whole process better. All of that being said, the Forge does look pretty great, and I do love the work that @Youness does; I agree with others about the seemingly tiny amount of space for game and modules but if it’s supporting the developer do good work it could be worth it—thanks for the video!

  13. Great video! I’ll vote for the JITSI setup. Creating self-signed certs. for self-hosted A/V was a harrowing experience on macOS so I’m sure that’ll be a video unto itself. Thanks for keeping us informed Matt!

  14. I'm already at 59% of my 500mb and all I have is the Dragon of Icespire peak pulled from DDB using the VTTA DDB importer module. So…some things definitely are larger. Maybe some of my modules are big, but I think 60% of the space being used with a couple of mods and a single adventure module is a bit much. Would like to see the base amount of storage get upped to 1gb someday – it may be that audio module as you mentioned, but…even then it's a lot of space being used up

    edit – the two exclusive modules (the maps and the audio pack) take up 37% of the 500mb limit. So yeah, hopefully those can be moved to assets one day. I just deleted them to test and went from 59% used to 22% used

  15. I am very interested in learning more about the Jitsi A/V as well as the local hosting. Your videos have been very informative and have been a great source of learning this weekend. Cheers!

  16. yes would love to know about a jitsi(sp?) server and setting up A/V in foundry in general. thanks for another great tutorial!

  17. Every video you come out with has helped me out immensely, so I really appreciate the work and time you put into this channel! I certainly would be curious to see how you improved performance for running a game by just hosting it yourself.

    I'm impressed with how easy and smooth it is already but I'd love to improve it as much as possible! : D

  18. Would love to see a video on self hosting + jitsi. How does the built in video/voice compare usability wise to discord's video/voice support?

  19. Awesome video as always. I for one would love a tutorial on self hosting 🙂 Thank you for all the great content!

  20. I would love a self host video setup and jitsi stuff! I’m using S3 for my asset library which is quite huge and I imagine there is no way to use S3 AND forge at the same time? If yes, I’d definitely be a client of them but I don’t think it’s possible. So yes, a self hosting video or even a « how to setup a cloud server by yourself » would be much appreciated as I really have no clue about this kind of stuff 🙁

  21. Love your content, thanks for making my first steps with Foundry soo much easier. Video about setting up Jitsi would be fantastic!

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