Google Cloud Platform 101 (Cloud Next '19)

Google Cloud Platform 101 (Cloud Next '19)

Coming to a new cloud platform can be a daunting task. Figuring out how the tools we offer track back to the tools you are familiar with, or need to solve your problems can be challenging. This session will explain the entire GCP platform offering, explain what everything does at a high level, and help you to make the right choices about which tools to use.

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Speaker(s): Terrence Ryan, -, -, -, , -, ,

Session ID: DEV203
product:App Engine,Compute Engine,Kubernetes Engine; fullname:Terrence Ryan;

10 thoughts on “Google Cloud Platform 101 (Cloud Next '19)

  1. Scott Mc. Nealy from Sun Microsystems Inc. once promoted beginning of the 1990ths SUN's vision "The Network is the Computer!" … well … as so often with real visions … it took nearly 3 decades … and it's nowadays not the business of SUN anymore … 😉

  2. I love the honesty here. Anyone who has done a demo (especially one that is network dependent) has been in his shoes.
    The intro was concise and easy to process. I highly recommend the full keynote session as there are some extremely interesting moves that GCP is making this year.

  3. Great intro to Cloud Computing. I really like the way you simplify the process of choosing what's best depending on some scenarios. Thanks!

  4. Great talk. Having only knowledge of the AWS this was a great talk to show the main tools that one use but on GCP.

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