Google Cloud FTP Setup with FileZilla - Step by step Tutorial

Google Cloud FTP Setup with FileZilla – Step by step Tutorial

Hi guys in this video i will showing you how you can manage your website files on google cloud with filezila which is a ftp client.

Download filezilla:-

Download Putty key generator:-

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22 thoughts on “Google Cloud FTP Setup with FileZilla – Step by step Tutorial

  1. hi… which folder should we download for complete backup to host on new hosting is it wp content or some other also tar files or is not downloading pls advice

  2. If you're struggling with access denied:
    Replace Key comment: to your email without the

    That will fix it.

  3. PERMISSION DENIED SOLUTION: Thanks for the video but it's leaving out an important part, When you generate the key with Putty you will see a field you can change named "Key comment" which is directly under "Key fingerprint", so inside of "Key comment" you have to change the default setting and write your google cloud instance username, which most probably is your email address you used to log in into google cloud but without the, then when you add the key file to google cloud you will have the right user, so when you log in with filezilla it will take you to the main folder with all the permissions

  4. dear this tutorial is very very helpful for me. I am also requesting you kindly make another video for deleting theam directly through filezila

  5. Good clear instructions…. Sadly although I can connect via Filezilla to the site and can browse my wordpress folders with no issues, I am unable to upload any files.

    I can see the following in the top window…

    Error: Directory /opt/bitnami/apps/wordpress/htdocs/wp-content/themes/genesis-sample: no such file or directory

    Any thoughts on why I am getting this issue?

  6. this is sftp not ftp! I was looking for instructions for hosting an ftp server on google cloud, and I find this video title to be quite misleading.

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