GoDaddy Managed WordPress Hosting - Setup Wizard Walkthrough

GoDaddy Managed WordPress Hosting – Setup Wizard Walkthrough

GoDaddy has been working hard on their Managed WordPress Hosting product lately; specifically, with the on-boarding of new clients.

In this video, I take a walk through GoDaddy’s managed WordPress hosting platform setup wizard. The wizard guides you through a bunch of general setup tasks, asks for you for some basic information about your company, and gets you closer to the final website that you’re searching for.

There are a handful of options to choose from as you go through the setup wizard. I’ll briefly discuss what they are, and try to help you make some decisions when setting your website up on GoDaddy’s managed WordPress hosting platform.

If you have any experience going through this setup process yourself, or have questions about how to get started, please let me know in the comments.

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20 thoughts on “GoDaddy Managed WordPress Hosting – Setup Wizard Walkthrough

  1. Hey, is the WordPress user name and password from Godaddy entry point the same details as the WordPress site it's self? Or is it a separate login process and should I keep the separate details in a safe place and NOT share with WordPress site log in.

  2. Same plan I have purchased
    But I have no SSL on it
    Plz help how do I activate Free SSL certificate on my godaddy wordpress hosting.

  3. I have a GoDaddy hosted website so I am not setting up a new site. I was using iWeb to manage it now that iWeb is no longer supported by Apple. I want to move to WordPress to manage and update my website. I don't see a WordPress option when I sign into GoDaddy. How can I link GoDaddy and WordPress?

  4. Si alguien le queda duda sobre como funciona un hosting, les recomiendo este post:

  5. I followed all the steps and got my site ready. I have 1 issue, I can't login into wordpress using my username and password, I have to go to godaddy account and then try to get to wordpress from there. And don't we need cpanel or something with this ?

  6. Thank you for the video! I have a quick question: I already have one account with Godaddy Deluxe Managed WordPress – I've purchased a second Deluxe Managed WordPress to create a second website, but I'm stuck after the "building a new site" selection. Is there a way to tie my existing wordpress account to this second hosting package? Or am I to create a new WordPress account entirely? Thank you so much for any help!!

  7. Heyy!
    Can we add plugin woocommerce to wordpress site even though we clicked on website and blog?

    Please let me know

  8. Hey, I purchased a domain from godaddy but when I tried to build the website through manage wordpress, it automatically builds temporary website and I didn't found any option of pick a domain while in the process. Can you please help me with that?

  9. nice video….mane 1&1 Hosting provider se manage WordPress hosting buy ki he, kya hosting setup krne se phle database create krna jaruri he….

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