Getting Started with Cloud Firestore with Java - Firecasts

Getting Started with Cloud Firestore with Java – Firecasts

In this episode of Firecasts, Jen Person shows you how to get started using the Admin SDK for Java to read and write data with Cloud Firestore. To get help adding the Admin SDK to your server, be sure to check out the links below.

Setting up the Admin SDK →
Cloud Firestore documentation →
Initializing npm →
Getting Started with Notifications on iOS →
Authenticating FCM request →
Build FCM requests →

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19 thoughts on “Getting Started with Cloud Firestore with Java – Firecasts

  1. Hi,
    Thanks for this nice video tutorial. I am trying to work on a spring-boot application with Firestore as a backend. I wanted to ask where I can deploy this java code? Is it possible to deploy it on Firestore? or do I need to have AWS or Heroku to deploy it?

  2. Hey how about , reading and writting to FIREBASE using servlet? Is that possible? As I am using firebase real time dc instead of firestore

  3. I always get "WARNING: Failed to detect whether we are running on Google Compute Engine. Network is unreachable: connect" and I am not behind any proxy firewall or anything. It's driving me crazy.

  4. good tutorial. do you have a tutorial to get data from firebase and push it to google sheets? thanks in advance!!

  5. I am stuck in the error "Cannot find class ApiFuture" I am not using maven nor grandle, i have downloaded my dependencies manually and this has worked for me until this point but i have not found the jar for ApiFuture (

  6. Hello, im trying to create a SpringBoot service and integrati it with FireBase. Following this tutorial i only get "java.lang.IllegalStateException: FirebaseApp with name [DEFAULT] doesn't exist." when i try to initzilise the FirebaseApp.

    Is there something more i have to do or is it enuf to add just the firebase-admin dependence in the Gradle file?

  7. My Firestore rules looks like this – service cloud.firestore {
    match /databases/{database}/documents {
    match /{document=**} {
    allow read, write: if false;

    That says – No one can write.

    Still I am able to wrote using Admin SDK (Java). Is it normal and power of Admin API or is it a bug that I am able to write even when write is restricted??

  8. Anyone have answer ? Let say i have users , movies and startReview document startReview has userId and movieId and numberOfStar my question is how to retrieve user name and movie name from startReview in android there is no query can be select from multi-documents so how i can retrieve this date and display in recyclerView ?.

  9. The only thing killing me of the Firestore is write limit of its beta version. I do not know how but I hit 2.5mb write limit per second many times so I had to get back to realtimedatabase until alpha is released. I wanted to create a react desktop finance app with offline/online capabilities.

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